Lockdown - 42 by Alexander Shaw

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"It is to my regret that I must report a failure on my part. The oldest crime known to Standards, I was caught. By now, you will have been alerted to my altercation and incarceration with Regent Commander Sorrell. I have no excuse and no true reason. My Strength is all I have left, Loyalty, Honour and Legion are absent from me. You will not hear from me again." The message ended. Grissom opened his eyes.

Grissom stood slowly, sheathing his knife at his hip. He picked up the half-empty backpack that contained all of his personal possessions and slung it on his back. His one remaining pistol, his service record, three trophies of notable enemies, his whetstone and his change of combat fatigues. His life was in that bag now that his armour and primary weapons were gone. He strode towards the door and flipped the light switch and then the proximity sensor for the bundle of grenades underneath his bed frame. He closed the door behind him, not looking back, then headed for the lifts. He was moving in with Davan and company, whether they liked it or not.

--/+2 minutes 19 seconds/--
--/Level 7-170 Acrillia Promenade/--

It was the nearest Public Access Information Terminal to home. Davan had slipped out ten minutes ago and wandered down here on a mission of secrecy. The previous evening, after regaling them with tales of his brave exploits, Torn had quietly told Davan that Yuni no longer wanted anything to do with him, that she knew what he was. Something in the young man's voice had pleaded with Davan to try and help somehow. That's what he was doing here.

His slicing probes slid into the PAIT access port, where one would normally slip an identity card. It was only a minute before he managed to find the Neutral 3 School records. There were four on the station, but he was looking for just one student, Yuni Samerro. Bingo. Found her. Private School Unit 2-2 on Level 8-161. The screen flashed again at another jiggle of the probes. Her class break was in twenty-six minutes. Davan smiled, he could make it.

He pulled the probes from the PAIT and turned around, his work done. It was then that he caught sight of the Ragnorian man leant against a far wall. The Ragnorian was staring at him and holding a piece of paper. Davan's eyes narrowed. Then he turned and walked towards the nearest elevator dock. He cursed. He was being followed.

--/+25 minutes 12 seconds/--
--/Level 8-161 Private School Unit 2-2/--

Bluffing the security guard at the front door was easy enough, Davan was wearing a universally recognised electrician's jacket and had proof of credentials as an electrician, so he was allowed in on the reasoning that there was undoubtedly something that needed fixing in the school premises. He was walking through the schoolyard, keeping his good eye out for anyone who was taking a sudden interest in him, when the PA chimed loudly. He smiled to himself. Right on time, he thought, Faith I'm good at this Cupid stuff.

Within a minute, the schoolyard began to fill up with teenage pupils. It was then that Davan recalled reading that this was an all girls school.

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