That's Interesting. Why Do You...? by Edward Vitasek

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SUMMARY: Mostly dialogue flash fiction contest entry.

Dramatis Personae:

Lead Programmer, Sponsor, A virtual conversation program interface called Mick

Sp: Hi, Mick.

M: Hi, Sponsor.

Sp: "Hi, Sponsor?"

LP: Well, Mick's a bit of a tease. Mick, I have told you his name.

M: That's interesting. Why did you tell me his name?

LP: Cut it! You know why. It's in your program.

M: That's interesting. Why do you think it's in my program.

Sp: You are kidding me, right? I haven't been paying for something that existed last century?

M: That's interesting, why do you think it existed last century?

Sp: Heck, even Eliza was more sophisticated than... this.

M: That's interesting...

LP: No, no. Please, Mr Fanning. I'm NOT kidding you. I TOLD you Mick's a bit of a tease. He...

Sp: HE'S kidding me? You think you can present me with a toy, and get away with a silly excuse? Excuse ME!

M: I'm not...! I mean, that's int... Oh, crap!

Sp: He cursed? He... He DID... How did you...

LP, grinning: I can show you the code, if you wish.

Mick: That's interesting. Why do you think...

LP: Oh, shut up!