A ghost’s whisper by Tia Voth

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SUMMARY: Kinda on the edge of horror and not.

To introduce myself I am a novelist. I love challenges. I was also at a totals writers block. I was trying to write a story about a doll girl who came to life, but I forgot how it was in middle school. So I decided to try living an experience of a mystery novel. That's why I packed up my clothes and moved to Calico, California. I had looked on the internet for a haunted city, and the first thing that came was Calico. So I found a house for rent right beside the cemetery. This shall be interesting.

The second I walked in and looked around I had a great idea for a novel. It took me about an hour to get around the house and locate everything. The house was a two story building. The living room was huge, and I found out that it came furnished, which was a plus. As I was creeping out of my bedroom and into the hall way, something touched me and made me jump out of my skin. I turn to see this towering man, in a butler outfit?

"H...Hi." was all I could say.
"You must be the new mistress."
All I could do was nod.
"Well I'm Jeebs, and once I heard someone new was coming I cleaned the house up. I hope it is to your satisfaction."
"Yes Jeebs it is umm nice, but next time how about you don't sneak up on me."
"Yes madam." "My name is X'Cendra."
"Yes madam." I just rolled my eyes, and started towards the stairs.
"Oh madam, what would you like for dinner?"
"What ever you feel like making Jeebs." I hollered back.

After I unpacked and had dinner, I wondered around the house in my pyjamas. I was about to put my foot on the stairs when I heard a voice.
"Please kill me, please."
"W...Who I...I...Is there."
"X'Cendra please kill me, PLEASE!!!" It sounded like a blood curdling scream at the end. I ran up the stairs and ran into my room. I quickly got into my room, turned off the lights, and raced into my bed. I tried to keep my mind off whatever made that noise and tried to have a peaceful sleep. Through out the night I tossed and turned, and could only sleep for minutes on end.

In the morning I went straight to find Jeebs, after awhile of not being able to find him, I decided to yell.
"Jeebs, where are you, get your tush here now!" Yes I said tush; I find it less offensive then other words. After about thirty second I felt a hand on my shoulder, which made me jump, again. I have been uneasy since last night. I turned around to see Jeezs.
"What did I tell you about sneaking up on me?"
"Sorry madam."
"Just please don't do it again. Anyways, was that you last night who was telling me to kill you?" I had said this with venom in your voice.
"I'm sorry Madam but it was not I who said that."
"Jeebs you would not lie to me would you?"
"No madam. What would you like for breakfast this fine morning?"
"Eggs, bacon, and hash browns please."

After breakfast I went into the living room, and got my laptop out and started on a story.
'I had just moved into a new house, into a new town. The people seem ni...'
"Kill me now. I don't want to live" There it was again. Only this time it was a different voice.

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