Lockdown - 43 by Alexander Shaw

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Except for Grissom, he looked like he could have done this all day. Davan hoisted up onto a work surface and pulled four cans, tossing one at Grissom, who caught it deftly, one at T, who caught it smoothly, and one at Torn, who missed and dropped it. The young Nethrek scrabbled around to pick it up, and then tried opening it. He was sprayed with cold white foam, leaving him spluttering and coughing. Davan and Grissom chuckled heartily. Then Davan raised his can.

"To Rental Workspaces G and H." He toasted. The others raised theirs as well. "I think I'll rename it. How does ‘The Hub' sound to you guys?"

"Sounds good." Grissom said, then half downed his beer.

"I like it." Tenzanin agreed, looking around the place.

"Yeah, sounds like home." Torn finished, wiping his face. All around them was the mostly finished set-up for the mechanical workshop that Davan wanted set up. There was still a lot of stuff that needed to go into Workspace H, and Davan was still considering knocking in the wall that separated them, but it was a good start. They'd be open for business in the next week or so, given nobody tried to have them killed in that time, which was highly likely.

--/Day 16 11:15 Hours/--
--/Level 7-170 ‘The Hub'/--

"Something I need to go sort out." Davan said, walking down the apartment stairs, pulling on a jacket. Torn and Grissom were in the workspace, the former fiddling with a box of small tools and arranging them in one of the desks, the latter was moving boxes and crates through into the next room. Both looked up at the Tayan.

"What?" Grissom asked.

"We're gonna need to set up an account for this place with a bank of some description, it being a business that I want to be recognised outside of the station." Davan said, moving to stand next to the desk Torn was working at.

"How are you going to do that? Sorrell's probably got our accounts black listed and closed off, there's no way we can set up an account for this place." Grissom said, leaning on one of the crates. Torn looked worried, but didn't speak.

"Dude." Davan grinned. "We're on Neutral 3! If we can't find a corrupt money-launderer here, then where else would you suggest I look?"

"You may have a point." Grissom said, nodding. "Do you want me to come with you, in case of violent happenings?" He suggested.

"T said something about coming with me." Davan put in.

"He left twenty minutes ago," Torn interjected. "Said something about going to get a new sword, last one was nigh on irreplaceable..." He tailed off. Davan sighed. He'd told them about going out alone and how it probably shouldn't be done right now. He motioned to Grissom. The big Nethrek nodded again and went to go put on his new armour.

--/+1 hour 34 minutes/--
--/Level 4-139 Compound Promenade/--

Tenzanin was walking around the compound, so called because it was in a walled off section halfway down the station. Apparently, four years ago, another crime lord had fortified this area after Sorrell had finally had enough of the guy's antics.

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