Charge of the Goddess (Chpt 1-2) by Nicole Thompson

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Chapter One
I tightly shut my eyes trying to hold back the tears that threatened to come rushing out but it was no use. My will not to cry was not powerful enough. I opened my eyes and let the tears roll down my cheeks in large droplets. My tears slid down my chin and landed on the hand tightly clenched by mine.

"Don't cry, Darling." My mother feebly tried to raise her hand and wipe my tears away but she was too weak. "Don't worry I will always be with you. Always!" Her voice shook as she started to hold back her own tears. I slumped down on the bed over her dying body. I couldn't stand losing her. "Listen to me, Senara." I sat up at the conviction in my mother's voice and wiped away another rush of tears. "Are you paying attention to me Darling?" I nodded and she continued. "You must stay strong child! Do not despair. You are meant for many great things and must be prepared. You have a great gift; I have seen it in you ever since I first gave you life! You must fulfill your destiny and become a healer and a great priestess. Do you know what I am speaking of?" I shook my head, causing my black hair to swing wildly. "I have spoken to your father about sending you to a sorceress to learn the craft. You will leave soon after my death."

I shook my head again. "No!" I whispered.

"Yes," My mother said. "It is my time to go and you must accept this! You must! Stay strong darling. I love you so much." Another rush of tears clouded my vision. I was able to see my fathers outline run into the room. My mother gave him one last smile and whispered I love you' one last time before falling into an endless sleep.

I woke with a jolt. The memories of my father's tears and my mothers stone cold body branded behind my eyelids. Quickly I lit the lantern next to me and got out of bed my feet landing on the cold ground. I grabbed my cloak off the chair beside me as I remembered the events after my mother's death. As any five-year-old who had recently lost her mother would, I became emotionally unstable. My father reluctantly fulfilled his promise to my mother and one month after her death I went to live with the sorceress, Tharina, to whom I became an apprentice.

I spent many years studying and worshipping the Goddess under the ever-watchful eye of Tharina. Although she was very stern and could be cruel, the woman had become a mother to me over the years, making up for the one I lost. But, of course, she could never completely fill up the hole in my heart. From the sweet short memories of my mother that I had, Tharina was very different. Where Tharina was dark, my mother was light. My mother's light, carefree style was something that I knew my father always had admired and that he missed greatly.

But Tharina was a good second mother and always took care of me. After those long years I spent with her I am, twelve years later, almost ready to become a full sorceress. On this quiet night I silently walk over to the window and gaze at the silvery moon. After all these years it still amazes me. From the size of the moon and its place in the sky I could easily determine that it was close to two in the morning.

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