Charge of the Goddess (Chpt 5-6) by Nicole Thompson

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Chapter Five
After a while of sprinting I slowed Anatis down to a walk. The forest I was traveling through was dark and as much as I wanted to race through it I didn't want to disturb the quiet. But someone behind me didn't seem to care. As they came up they slowed down and rode next to me.

"Hello," I turned to see Untar grinning at me. He wore riding clothes and his black horse had saddlebags hanging at its sides.

"You were not supposed to come." I told him grinding my teeth.

"What? So I was supposed to let you die by yourself?" Untar responded. "No way was I letting you do that. We are friends, aren't we?"

"Yes," I mumbled to my discomfort.

"So can I stay with you?" He asked a little too cheerfully.

"Would you go if I told you to?"

"Of course not" He said. I had a feeling that his cheerfulness might actually be good for me along this trip.

"How did you get ready so quickly?" I asked, changing the subject slightly.

"I had help. The stable-boy got my horse ready and Marian packed extra food." He explained lightly. We fell into silence as I contemplated our situation. Now that Untar was with me I would have to make sure he didn't come down with fever. This added stress to my situation.

"You look like a Sorceress in that cloak." Untar said breaking the silence. "Just like my mother actually."

"I feel like a Sorceress today." I commented. "The stress is almost overpowering. Tharina always said that just the title alone added stress."

We fell into another silence but it didn't last long with Untar at my side. "How do you know that your friend is in trouble? I didn't hear a messenger anytime recently." He asked.

"That's because there was no messenger." I sighed deeply, most wouldn't question a Sorceress' knowledge and most wouldn't want to know. "I had a dream that she needed me, so I'm going."

"Do you know what the problem is?" Was Untar's next question.

"It seems that a fever has hit her town and her Sorceress has taken ill. Irian, my friend, is an apprentice like me." I quickly explained. "I just hope that I make it in time to help."

"I'm sure you will," Untar said quietly.

That day was spent mostly in silence. Lucky for me Untar was a good rider and we traveled a good distance in one day. For lunch we stopped in an open field. It was a nice sunny day and the sun shone brightly. When I was done eating I took off my cloak in the heat and laid down in the grass. Untar was still eating and I could feel his eyes on me. That moment seemed to last forever as he looked at me from head to toe. But to my surprise it didn't make me feel uncomfortable. Against my will, I was getting used to him being around me.

"Are you done?" I was bold enough to ask. I looked up in time to see Untar blush before he controlled it.

"I'm sorry, Lady Senara." He said falling into the proper speech. "But your beauty is overwhelming." Then it was my turn to blush.

"It is time that we started on again." I said as I reached for the food to hide my discomfort. Untar looked as if there was something else he wanted to say but instead he shook his head and joined me in the clean up.

Supper was uneventful that night and after it we continued on.

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