Charge of the Goddess (Chpt. 11-12) by Nicole Thompson

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Chapter Eleven
The rest of the trip passed rather quickly. I was excited to speak to Tharina about my experiences. Finally the house came into view. As we got closer I realized Tharina was waiting on the front porch. Of course she knew we were home. I called out to her as soon as we were in hearing distance and she rushed towards us.

"Senara, Untar." She said. "I am so glad that you are home safe. As soon as we had gotten off our horses she hugged each of us in turn. "Now come inside and we will feed you. You two must be starving." I shared a confused glance with Untar as Tharina pulled me into the house. This motherly attitude was so unlike Tharina that something must have changed. "At one point I wasn't sure you two were going to make it." Tharina finally added, explaining her concern. She quickly continued, "When you used so much strength to heal your friend I was a little nervous. But I taught you well. I had no reason to worry."

"Mother," Untar finally got a chance to speak. "Both Senara and I are very tired from the journey maybe if we could just rest for awhile?" He suggested.

"Oh of course, anything you two want." She said before rushing us up the stairs and into our respective rooms. Untar and I shared a smile right before Tharina shut the door behind me. Now that we were in the house, I had no doubt Untar would try to come to me soon. However we both doubted Tharina's insight.

I waited impatiently for Untar to come to me. I knew he would try but was unsure of how I felt about it. I switched between sitting and pacing across the room. The door creaked open when I was sitting but I quickly jumped up to my feet. Untar was not the one to enter my room however. "Greetings Tharina," I said quietly.

"Hello darling," She said. "Please sit down." Slowly I obeyed, concerned slightly. "I know I am not who you expected to come to you. You are also probably wondering how I knew. It was quite easy. I can clearly sense a strong bond between you two." Tharina paused and looked deep into my eyes. "But I can also sense your insecurity. I did not allow Untar to come to you because I know you are not sure you are ready to give yourself to him." A small smile came to her lips. "And it will remain so until you are ready."

"Thank you." I said quietly, my voice barely above a whisper.

"Good. Now tell me what happened." Tharina said taking a seat next to me. I related my story to her, keeping out the private moments between me and Untar. It seemed I spoke for hours. Tharina asked questions every once in awhile and interjected her opinions. When I spoke of how I treated the illness I held my breath, hoping that I had done everything correctly. "Well done dear. You did it just as I would have done it." Tharina said. Then Tharina gave me the best news she possibly could. "I believe that you Senara, have become a Sorceress in your own right."

I couldn't believe what she had told me at first. Then I jumped up and down with glee. "Thank you, Tharina." I leaped towards her and gave her a hug, the first one in years. "Thank you," I said again, tears coming to the corners of my eyes.

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