Guardians of power part one by Raul Hernandez

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SUMMARY: Origins and the secrets of the medallions The war between the dimensions started off as a small dispute between the world of light and dark. But soon after escalated into an even graver matter, when the world of dark found a way to travel to other dimen

Act 1 the road begins here

With night falling over the quiet and peaceful city of Caleron. The darkness gave way to the shadows; these shadows which would seem like normal people in the daytime, were actually hunters of weak, and unsuspecting. They were the under belly of society. They acted like normal people to those that didn't know them, but to those that did, they were actually deadly killers, and thieves. One such person was a boy who went by the name of Leo pharaoh; he was a skilled and considered as one of the best in his line of work. For him nothing was more satisfying then going out and stealing something priceless like a gem or a piece of tech which everyone needed. But that was not the case on this mission he wasn't going into a building to get some gem; no that would be too easy for him. Instead the boy thief found himself hiding in the bushes of an old temple, observing, and watching the guards that stood watch over the giant metal gates.

It seemed somewhat irregular for him, since he was never much for patients. But he wasn't going to take any chances. He had been watching the temple guards for four nights now, and with every night he memorized where they switched and for how long. On the fifth day Leo sat in his crammed motel room; he sat on his bed and planed his attack.
He had decided to go in for the kill that night, and was reviewing what he would do. Looking at his plans he spoke to himself and While the guards were switching he said I will quickly climb the stone steps to the gate, and using the computer on my wrist I would decrypted the lock, and then I would go into the main garden. The garden was full of trees, and plants it had a walkway that led through it. But at night the walkway lit up with motion sensors, and the marble statues that decorated the garden turned into killer machines; that blasted energy beams out of their hands. But after getting through that piece of hell it was going to be a piece of cake. He thought to himself while he was holding up the map up of the temples outside to the faint reading light, that he had on his nightstand.

The small light going on and off, made it hard for him to see what was where on the map. But this didn't bother Leo, since he was already ready for his heist.

Looking at the time Leo began to pack his things for his heist. He packed a power pack to power his camouflage gel suit, also a pair of plasma cutters and stun grenades. His suit was a mach 1 suit; it was originally made for hunting but with the modifications that he had made to it. It made it the ideal tool for the job it was jet black and made out of hardened plastic. But the reason he thought I was ideal wasn't for the look; it was what he had managed to add to it. He had put heat sensors and a stun grenade launcher on it but the modification he was most proud of was the power-input device, that fed information from the area to his helmet, and also the shield that he had put on it. It looked more like he was going into a battle, then going to steal something.

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