Guardians of power part one by Raul Hernandez

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Now having everything Leo put on his runners and power pack and headed out. He stepped out into the open and took a deep breath. Igniting his jetpack he flew off into the cold night. He flew over the giant skyscrapers and platforms; the lights of the buildings were dim and gave off little light.
But he still stopped to look at them. He had always found it a good thing to stop and reflect on things, and the best way for him to do this; was by looking at buildings and all the glamour. He paused and thought of what he was going to do that night. He had never done such a high profile job, but he would have to empty out his thoughts now, if he wanted to actually get the job done. He looked out into the city one more time and taking in a Deep breath he buckled his straps, and jumped back into the night sky. Waiting a few seconds for the pack to charge he hit the ignition and flew off. Punching the ignition even harder he quickly made his way to his drop point. From that point the temple was only six-km away. Once on the ground he walked through the dark and abandoned alleys of the buildings till he got to the temple.
The temple was huge pyramid with an orb at the top and a garden in front; he looked at the gate and studied it with interest, it was made out of a hard green rock that glowed, and was practically blast proof. But that was not how he was going in so he didn't think of it. Now at his hiding spot he saw that there were no guards he quickly made a break for the gate. It was easy to crack the code, which he found odd seeing that there was so much security in the day. But not giving it another thought he continued to make his way to the garden. The walkway was glowing with its sensors just like he had anticipated. He had planed for this, and quickly keyed into his helmet, he searched through his system, and activated the special gel on the soles of his boots the blue gell squirted out and went all over the sole.
Sub chapter 1 the heist
The gel would deflect the sensors allowing him to cross; he also activated his camouflage suit, which instantly became transparent. Now up to the main door he tapped into his helmets' on board computer
again, and decoded the lock. It slid open with a hiss he was inside, and had not encountered any sort of resistance; this wasn't normal. Making his way through the halls of the giant structure he walked slowly to avoid coming up against the guards. He peeked into every room and checked every hallway, and only came out when he saw that it was clear he increased his pace from tip towing to a brisk run when he saw that the hallway was deserted. He continued to do this until he came to a huge vault like door. Connecting up to the lock of the door, he searched through the code until he saw a break in it and unlocked it. The doors' locks gave a hiss as they opened, and unveiled room, which was illuminated by white lights.

In the center of the room he saw a medallion which was floating on a gravity pad. Reaching for it he grabbed for the object but when he did, he heard the whine of the alarms.

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