Guardians of power part one by Raul Hernandez

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From the time that he had stepped out of the safe it only took the guards a few seconds to come after him. Then after the guards started to appear every where.

He had expected security but not like this. They were coming out of the walls. It was like they were shadows. Running through the glass halls the boy kept firing at what ever popped up, but the guards were impossible to hit. Now having been running for over half an hour in a sprint, he found himself dodging and running more than anything else that he ended up doing. His feet were giving way, and if he wasn't careful he Would most likely trip over himself.
Running into a room he stopped to look at his energy gage, and catch his breath. Then with no guards close by, he tapped into his wrist computer to check his power level. The blue lights that came off the screen illuminated the room that he was in; it flashed red when he went he went to check his power output. He then realized that he was low on power. He didn't have enough power for his weapons, or any of his tools. Running through the systems on his wrist computer he swept through the holographic index. He turned off any unnecessary systems, that included his speed enhancements and his cloaking shield, which made him transparent. Now visible the gage slowly went up from twenty percent to thirty.

"Not much good that will do me," he thought turning off even more systems after going from his transparent form to being fully visible with the push of button. Watching the gage go up he diverted more power to his wrist laser. Which then lit up and began to recharge.

" Looks like I have a bit more power just enough for a few more shots." He said to himself reading the gage and coming out of his hiding spot then making a run for it. But once out and in the open he found that the guards were waiting for him.

"Oh god this is impossible all these guard's for one little trinket. I left the gems and my gear for this thing, I hope its worth something;" he thought tapping his bag on his side and continuing to run. Now approaching the end of the hall he made quick decision to make a quick turn and instead of going all the way to the end. He turned left into a dark room that was opened.

But not having enough power to power his helmets' on board light. He took it off and got a good look at where he was. Looking at the room through his blue eyes, his white hair drenched with sweat, and brown skin was glistening he had been running for to long, that his sweat clouded his view. Clearing his view with his hand he took a look but still he still couldn't see a thing. Tapping a button at the back of his ear, his eye adapter switched to night vision, he now could see everything in the room and soon realized that he was in the shuttle hanger.
" Looks like I have found my way out. But first things first I have to take care of my guard problem;" He thought looking at the doors. Starring at the locking panel,he put his wrist laser to it and sealed the door shut, and then using his decrypting gear he locked it as well.

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