Lockdown - 44 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Got to admit... it made me unhappy to write this part, but it's what would happen, expecially with callous gunners like these guys. Ok, don't complain.

Chapter 44 – It's what we need to do...

--/Day 16 16:09 Hours/--
--/Level 7-170 ‘The Hub'/--

"You did good kid." Davan said, patting Torn on the shoulder. "You did real good." Torn offered a nervous smile. He, Davan and Grissom were standing before the beaten and tied up would-be assassin, who was taped and strapped to a chair in the centre of the Hub floor. He'd been gagged as well, but he was still out cold, a few solid blows from Torn's Mugaichek had seen to that. Torn was trying not to look at the wound in Davan's shoulder, or the splatters of blood on Grissom's armour. It was obvious that they'd been accosted too.

"Have you seen Tenzanin... do you think he was attacked as well?" Torn asked, looking up at the wounded Tayan. Davan smiled.

"No doubt that T was attacked, but I'm pretty sure the wiry fuck can look after himself, you know." He said. Torn nodded, reassured.

"What do you think we should do with him?" Grissom put in, his armoured arms crossed. Torn couldn't help but notice his fingers flexing.

"Not sure." Davan replied, looking at Grissom with a reproachful glance. "I'll tell you what, we'll soak him in some off beer and dump him somewhere else, how's that?" He suggested. Torn nodded, rubbing at his eyes. He didn't notice that Davan wasn't trying to make eye contact with him. Grissom shook his head and walked up to the attempted bounty hunter, glaring at him.

"Hey guys." Tenzanin's voice came from behind them, through the shutters. Davan smiled tightly as he caught sight of the Carene. He walked over to the shutter controls and they began to clank upwards. Tenzanin ducked under them when they reached his chest height and Davan began lowering them. They all noticed the newly-acquired shotgun on his back.

"Hey man, you get hit at too?" Davan said, as the shutters screeched into place.

"Yeah, three of them. I took care of them." Tenzanin replied, grinning and rubbing at one of his knuckles. Torn, noticing the smile, looked down, feeling almost ill. All this killing... all this violence that just seemed to surround them all the time... why couldn't people just leave them all alone? It was just so unfair on them...

"Torn?" Davan's voice cut through his thoughts. "Torn, you awake? I need you to run out and get something for me. Was thinking that I need some more refracting lenses and well... here, take this list of stuff." He said, pulling out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. "Take T with you, he'll watch your back. Me and Grissom will sort out this guy." Davan said, indicating the slumbering bounty hunter. Torn, staring at him almost blankly, nodded after a second, taking the piece of paper. He sighed, and headed for the shutters.

As he pulled the shutters up, he didn't notice that Tenzanin gave Davan a quizzical look, who returned it with a nod. Tenzanin pursed his lips, then turned and followed the young Nethrek. Davan turned to Grissom, feeling bile rising up in him. He'd never wanted to do this again.

"Grissom. Let's go to work."

--/+6 minutes 47 seconds/--
--/Elevator 519DPK/--

As normal, Torn tried never to actually look at the elevator serial number, but, again as normal, Tenzanin always liked to point out that this elevator just seemed to follow them around, like it was their own personal elevator.

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