Lockdown - 44 by Alexander Shaw

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And also how they never saw anyone else in this elevator. Torn was trying not to pay any attention, playing back in his mind the fight in which he'd actually knocked a man unconscious. Part of him still couldn't quite believe what had happened. He was sure that Master Sergeant Fury would have been proud.

"By the way, nice job with the merc, looked like you took him out pretty easy." Tenzanin commented, looking at the young Nethrek meaningfully. Torn looked up from his dwellings and tried to smile, resulting in a nervous grin.

"Thanks." Torn whispered.

"I mean, I remember the first man I killed, it was pretty hard, but you get through it..." Tenzanin continued, looking away.

"He's not dead." Torn said quickly, feeling part of himself colder than before. "I only knocked him out, Davan's going to..." he trailed off.

"Yeah... no offence to your intelligence kid," Tenzanin said, trying to be friendly, "but Davan and Grissom are going to make that guy's last few hours as uncomfortable as possible, ok? It's just something that we need to do, you know? Find out why we were attacked and who organised it and how we can stop it happening again."

"What... what do... what do you mean?" Torn stuttered.

"I mean that there's going to be an interrogation of that guy. Davan and Grissom are going to try and get what information they can out of him... and I don't think that they're going to be squeamish as to the methods they're going to use." Tenzanin tried to explain. Torn looked away forcefully. "This is a bad situation we're in, we've got to stick together..." Tenzanin carried on until they reached the floor that they were supposed to be getting off on, but Torn just couldn't hear him anymore. It felt like his world had come crashing down around him.

--/+4 minutes 19 seconds/--
--/Level 7-170 ‘The Hub'/--

Lain felt his body drop heavily, forcing a surge of adrenaline through his system. He flicked his eyes open, realising after a few creeping seconds that his hands and feet were bound, that he was tied to a chair, and tied tightly. He couldn't move. He jerked his head up, feeling that his body was aching all over. He began trembling, unable to make anything out in front of him, his eyes were just one bright blur. Where was he?

"Lain, is it?" The voice sounded like it was normally cheerful, like it was used to parties and friends. It sounded... Tayan. Lain tried to struggle against his restraints weakly, achieving no movement and fresh pain on his wrists.

"He asked you a question." A thicker and angrier voice sounded. Nethrek, Lain found himself thinking. Then a massive fist cashed against his jaw, a fresh battery of nerve endings screaming through his head. Blood sprayed from his lips.

"You're name is Lain, am I correct?" The fist voice again.

"Yeah... yeah..." Lain managed to spit out. "Lain..."

"Good, because that's what your ID said." The voice continued. "You may be pretty new at this bounty hunter stuff, Lain," condescending now and mocking, "but you leave your ID at home on a hit, ok? It's what the professionals do."

"Ok..." Lain began, hoping that agreeing with the voice would let him go.

"Just so you know man, this is nothing personal." The voice carried on.

"What... wha..." Lain tried to stutter.

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