Lockdown - 45 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: I must apologise, because I hadn't posted in a while, that I'm doing two at once. Hope this one is cheerier than the last one.

Chapter 45 - Wave 2.

--/Day 16 18:42 Hours/--

Torn was shifted, his legs crossed in a sitting position. He wasn't truly sitting, as there was nothing of him to physically sit. He'd never truly understood the science behind his nature, or his un-nature, as it probably should be. But now, he wasn't thinking about that. He sat suspended in space, just a few centimetres above the station, pretending to be sitting on the top ring of the super-structure. He wasn't truly coping with life right now, he felt betrayed, sickened and humiliated all at once. How could Davan do this to him?

Tenzanin was a cutthroat and a mercenary, Torn accepted that. Grissom represented the worst of the Nethrek military superiority, Torn accepted that. But Davan? He thought that Davan was different, that somehow he wasn't one of the murderers under the surface that everybody else seemed to be. Torn had trusted Davan, he'd lived with him, looked up to him, tried to be like him, done everything and more to try and be accepted by him. And Davan had been there for him. He knew that Davan was his truest friend. So how could he do this to him?

If he could have wept in his shifted state, then he would have. But the strange physics that surrounded his insubstantial form didn't allow it. But he was wracked with sorrow and self-pity. So much so that he didn't notice the two tiny, distant flashes of hyperspace jumps form in the deep darkness of no-mans space. Instead, he merely pretended to sit, wanting to weep.

--/+4 minutes 58 seconds/--
--/Level 7-170 ‘The Hub'/--

Tenzanin, the package that Davan had requested held under one arm, walked into workspace, turning to lower the shutters behind him. As they wheezed back into place, Tenzanin noticed that Grissom was standing in the workspace, using a thick blanket to wipe the blood from his armoured hands. He was splattered with it, even his un-helmeted face. As Tenzanin made to walk past him, he caught the line of sight into the spare apartment, the shape of a body wrapped in plastic sheeting.

"Where's the kid?" Grissom asked, not looking up from his grooming. Tenzanin stopped and turned to face the armoured Nethrek.

"Did you take care of the worm?" He asked, ignoring Grissom's question and staring through at the corpse through the gap.

"He'd dead. We got some useful info out of him." Grissom replied, kneeling down to clean off one of the shins of his armour. Tenzanin nodded, slowly chewing the inside of one of his lips. He put the package down on the workbench nearest the shutters.

"Is Davan upstairs?" He asked, not really caring about the information at the moment. He guessed it would be something to do with that ‘Endfolder' name that one of the thugs that had tried to assail him had blabbed. Grissom, again not looking up, nodded. Tenzanin moved to the stairs and went up to the apartment in search of his Tayan companion.

--/+0 minutes 0 seconds/--
--/Level 7-170 ‘The Hub' Apartment/--

Davan, in the washroom of the apartment, was poised with his head over the toilet, the flecks of vomit around his mouth.

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