The Nephilim by Jose Diaz

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SUMMARY: Chapter One of a novel about a creature from biblical times that awakens in the present.

It was a time of fear in the newly created world. The wickedness of man had grown extensively as he spread his seed over the surface of the Earth.

Yahweh, forgotten by His most precious creation, became indifferent; and Lucifer, the most beautiful of all angels, saw an opportunity to snatch his dominion away. Thus a great celestial war erupted. Then the angels chose sides.

In the end, the forces of Gabriel, the one son of Almighty Yahweh who would become the Christ, drove out of his father's domain the treacherous angel who had challenged His sovereignty.

The disgraced angel wandered into the void of sidereal space followed by his legions never to return to their glorious home again.

From their place of banishment, midway between heaven and earth, these rebellious angels turned their eyes upon the sinful ways of the flesh.

These rebel sons of God then came down to earth with evil in their hearts, lusting for the daughters of man and woman; and they readily conquered the hearts of the beautiful earthen maidens, for they still had the beauty of angels and the aura of grandeur of their god and leader——the once angel, Lucifer; and now demon, Satan.

The unholy union of fallen angels with the daughters of mortals resulted in extraordinary offspring——the Nephilim.

Even the leader of all fallen angels, Satan himself, found a suitable mate amongst the daughters of man.

Soon after, the devil's bride became with child and bore Anak. Anak was as beautiful a child as his father had been before he became as gruesome as the evil that he harbored in his heart towards mankind and its creator, Yahweh.

With time, Anak became king of all Nephilim. He appointed his offspring, the Anakim, as princes and princesses of the mongrel empire.

The Nephilim were powerful giants who, with their nature of men-demons, defied reason, man and God. And they multiplied as well as man and their seed also spread far and wide to the furthest confines of the earth.

But the young world could only provide for one of the two unruly races.

Thus the inevitable war for domination between the two indomitable strains erupted.

The Lord watched and patiently endured their sinful ways.

Then man's pretentious plan to reach the Heavens with their prodigious tower became the sin that He would not forgive; and the God whose power had no limits looked down and spoke.

And He said to Noah:

"It pains me to completely eradicate that which I have seen fit to build; but the end has come for all things of flesh. You, my son who has proven to be trustworthy in your dealings with your God, shall be spared along with your kin.

"Out of resinous wood build yourself a ship like none has ever been built, for I shall open the fountains of heaven and bring destruction upon this now accursed world, such as has never been seen since I created it. You shall give warning to all and shelter those who heed the word and from every creature that breathes upon the Earth you must safeguard a pair, male and female they shall be."

The Lord went on to dictate measurements and other pertinent details concerning the construction of the great ship to Noah.

Thus the planet of man and woman, still warm with the fires of creation, had been sentenced to death by its creator.


Flurries of whirling dust and sand driven by howling winds rose on a bleak terrain of crumbling rocks and dead trees in the process of being swallowed by advancing dunes as the dessert expanded in its merciless drive to consume even the last vestige of vegetation in the forbidding land.

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