Lockdown - 46 by Alexander Shaw

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He was away from those psychos that he'd fallen in with. Davan, Grissom, Tenzanin... they were all the same, just killers and murderers and vile, vile people. For more than half an hour he didn't move from his makeshift bunk, simply wallowing in self-pity.

Why had Tenzanin told him about the torture? If he hadn't, Torn would have gone on blissfully unaware. But that would well have been worse.

He sat up after a while, rubbing his face vigorously to try and inspire life in the flesh again. With his elbows resting on his knees, he began to fully consider his predicament. He had nowhere to go, no one to help him or let him help them, no form of income and no money. Davan held onto all his savings and cash back at the Hub. He pushed memories of the place away. It was the closest he had felt to home there in a very long time, since his mother had died.

After a while, he decided that this warehouse wasn't the best place to reflect on his troubles, it was dingy, cold and not very comfortable. He stood, stretching. He hadn't slept well, but at least he had slept. Rolling up his cloak and strapping it to his back, making sure his Mugaichek was still attached to his leg, he moved away, heading for the ecodome downstation.

--/+19 minutes 50 seconds/--
--/Level 112 ‘Chaos Cluster - Bureau Of Elimination'/--

"Two waves have been slaughtered, my other agents are beginning to ask questions on how honest you have been with us, Commander, as am I. Who are these people?" Endfolder asked, sitting at its desk. Behind him, four men were standing, three lounging against the sparse furniture, the other in full armour, standing rigidly, looking with contempt at the others every now and again. On the viewscreen attached to the desk, the face of Sorrell looked back at the Ruhr.

"Very well." Sorrell replied, his lip twisted into a bitter snarl. "My psychic agents have constructed complete profiles of them. I will send them to you, and you will use your discretion on who to show them too. I know some of the scum you employ. This material is for the professionals only, you understand this?"

"Of course, Commander." Endfolder replied. "My discretion is renowned as reliable, unlike the machinations of psychics. But the price is fair." On the viewscreen, Sorrell nodded, and then terminated the transmission. Endfolder leaned back in its chair. It didn't like dealing with Sorrell.

"I take it that we're up next?" The lead figure of the three lounging men asked.

"You will be next, but I will allow both you and Gerren's men access to whatever files Sorrell sends to me. I will not sanction unprepared action by professionals." The four assembled bounty hunters all nodded in agreement. "The more I discover about this contract, the less I like it. We are not here to clean up that man's dirty washing." Endfolder stated, standing from its chair. "Wave 3 will commence soon."

--/+46 minutes 33 seconds/--
--/Level 12-159 Ecodome/--

Torn had never been down here before, but knew from Davan's description that it was probably the most beautiful part of the station.

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