Memories by Alan Delaney

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SUMMARY: Remembering good times.

He can remember the way his heart leaped when she smiled at him. He can remember the way her hair tickled his nose when she pressed her head into his chest, the way his hands dimpled her hips when he held her, the way she giggled when he tickled her stomach. He can remember the warmth of her body and the way he went cold when she moved away. He can remember the touch of her fingertips when she stroked his spine. He can remember the way she laid her head in his lap and the way her chest heaved when she slept. He can remember the way she moaned and held him tighter against her body when he kissed her neck. He can remember the taste of her tongue and the way she put her hands against his face. He can remember the firmness of her thighs and the way her muscles tightened when she moved under him. He can remember the way she squirmed when he stroked her and the way she submitted herself to him when he undressed her.

But for some reason he cannot remember her face, no matter how hard he tries.