Havon: The Histories by Curtis Brophy

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SUMMARY: Welcome to Havon.

The Histories

To all those who believed.
This is my dream come true.
To Julie, may you always live on into eternity.
You were always a believer,
And dreams do come true.

Curtis P. Brophy

Book I
"And Grace so loved the world..."


"I tell you, in the name of he who has patronized this land; repent so that the kingdom of Havon will be saved!"
The words echoed through the streets. People walked by, paying the useless seer no attention, for he was not like a man. No, he was something else. He was a Moerlf—a cross breed between Man and Elf. The race in which people hated, were discriminated against, and scorned.
Even in being ignored, the Moerlf continued to speak. "Our time has come! The end is near! I tell you only truth; for Grace hath revealed to me and only me: Havon will be destroyed!"
A lone a boy watched in curiosity, no, in fascination. He was barely 15, and approaching the wonderful stage of acne in his life. The boy was average height and had brown hair with bangs that came down just over his eyes. His eyes were a fair blue as he looked towards the Moerlf. His father had told him to move on, to do his chores quickly and intently. But the Moerlf interested him. And he never listened to his dad. He and his dad were nothing alike anyway.
For some reason the Moerlf's message captured the boy. And the seer had taken notice. He looked directly at the boy. "To those who will listen, be weary young one, for I am not one to be trusted. Do you not know who I am?" The boy nodded, simply acknowledging the question. "But you listen anyway. Will you not heed the truths I tell you?" the boy stared back at the seer. Truth was a compelling idea to even the 15 year old. He nodded with a smile: the seer was going to tell him and only him truths, for no one else would listen. "Then heed what I tell you. Hear my voice ring true in your ears. Then you must discern what I say to be truth or not: it is only then that you will find your place, only then will you find your truths. I have a vision from the Rock. It has shown me what will be and what is to come. I tell you this: repentance must come from the heart and the heart of Havon must repent so that it may be saved from the One who hates this world. Havon must accept the truth in its darkness before we all suffer eternal damnation on Havon! These words will come to pass if the wrath of Grace is not fulfilled!..."
"Travis!" The boy's head flung towards the sound knowing exactly where and, more importantly, whom the voice was coming from. He saw his father standing, waiting, with this foot tapping and a face reflecting impatience. He looked back at the seer for a brief moment; the seer, though, was gone. He then turned back and ran to his father.
"What was so intriguing?"
"The seer." he looked back again; still the moerlf was gone.
"What seer?" his father hadn't seen.
"Nothing, I was just seeing things." Travis walked beside his father looking back with curiosity every so often to see if the Moerlf was back prophesizing.

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