Where Havon Begins by Curtis Brophy

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SUMMARY: Here is where Havon got its start.

Where Havon Begins

Welcome to Havon--where good and evil are quite real. Where God and Satan live out there battleground where you and I fight for the side we worship. It is here the spiritual realm and the worldly realm collide into one and we begin to see what we were never meant to see. This is where Angels and Demons collide to bring peace—or complete anarchy—to our world. But Havon is not so far away. No, Havon is real. I did not imagine it. Some people see it, but some people are blind. But let me tell you for sure, I have seen it. Havon is real; I believe it.


Her veil blew off her face as the wind caught a hold of the frail piece of cloth. Her face was cut, bruised and bleeding from the battle that raged outside the church's walls-- from the battle that raged in her mind. The church would bring safety for her if she sought it out. Yet the weight the evil had brought upon her was too much. She had to take those final steps—crawl up them if she must—but she had to get into the church. For the evil ones were after her. The woman was key.
The sanctuary doors opened in front of her and she stumbled inside the church. With every motion her physical wounds were shown. With every last bit of strength her soul cried out for the deliverance she desperately desired. She did not know what deliverance would bring—she did not know how to find it—she just knew it had to come.
The evil ones came to the doors and swarmed outside of the church. They had to proceed—but they couldn't—not into the sanctuary.
A trumpet sounded from the distance and the two came. They came to the church and landed in front of the doors—each massive in size, stature and wingspan. There were swords drawn ready to stop the evil ones in their tracks. Michael and Gabriel watched and waited.
Then he came. A sole existence came forward. His body shaded by the dark soul he hid deep within—His eyes red from the effect of the one that controlled him. Lucipher himself controlled him. It had began as simple idol worship; but the idols never fulfilled so he searched for the One that would. Only Lucipher was the One he found. So he accepted Lucipher as lord and became Lucipher incarnate, he was Evil. And He, Luscious, would not be kept from her. She bared the child. The child that must be killed. Luscious pointed towards the angels, He spoke, but when he spoke with several voices; One of a snake, one of a human, one of a demon, and the others indistinguishable, only noticeable.
"She will be mine!"
They were at first few, enough for the angels to take, enough for Michael and Gabriel to control. But then they came. They appeared from the darkness within Luscious; they were churned from the hate stirring inside him. What began as few ended in legions. A massive army. The massive black horde came at the angels. The angels would not win this battle. And if this battle was lost, Havon would fall. The child had to be born. He was the Chosen One. He was the Messiah.
She fell on the pulpit. The Holy Priest looked down on her.

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