Lockdown - 48 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Thanks to all for reading, Arkahan, don't let your wife stop you! You know, we're nearing the end I think....

Chapter 48 – Endfolder.

--/Day 17 18:08 Hours/--
--/Level 112 ‘Chaos Cluster - Bureau Of Elimination'/--

"This is getting out of hand. Alpha, Gamma and Kappa were competent men. These Targets prove more hardy than many of my previous marks." Coming from Endfolder, that was saying something, Gerren knew. He also knew why he was here, to be shown the confidential files that Endfolder had been given by Sorrell on their targets. Gerren knew he would need every edge that he could get for this.

"Do you want us to act as fourth wave?" Gerren asked, reaching for the files.

"Negative, you shall be fifth wave. I have a collection of scum ready to try for free. It would be economical to use them first." Endfolder said, moving from behind the desk to stand next to Gerren. The armoured mercenary was bigger and broader than the Ruhr, but he knew that Endfolder was a dangerous individual, his armoured exoskeleton was protection enough from gunfire.

"Ideal." Gerren said. "Is there any alteration to the plans already made?"

"Target previously designated as priority four, Torn Thoralis, is altered to priority one." Gerren raised an eyebrow in question. "Read the folder Gerren, you won't like what you see." Gerren nodded, picking up all four files and moving through to the record room to thoroughly examine them.

--/+2 minutes 19 seconds/--
--/Level 12-159 Ecodome/--

Torn had been running, his rolled up cloak banging against the small of his back, his Mugaichek held loosely in his right hand. He guessed that he had been sprinting in circles, because until now, he hadn't seen the way out of this place. The edge of the trees beckoned.

There were whispers all around him, Tayan whispers. He was nearly out of breath, but fear kept him going towards the edge of the forest. He passed monks and simple park goers, wondering if any of them would stumble across the scene of carnage he'd left behind.

A foot and a hand shot out from behind a tree, catching him and near spinning him to the ground. Torn tried to pull free, but stopped when he saw the hand that held to his shoulder. It was Davan, looking tired himself, like he'd raced to get here.

"Torn! Calm it!" Davan ordered, hoping the authority in his voice would work.

"Leave... leave me alone!!" Torn cried, pulling away from Davan's grasp.

"Just... Just calm down, ok!" Davan said, stepping back and holding both his hands up. "What's wrong? What happened?" Davan could smell the fear from the kid, but knew that it had been firmly in place before they had run into each other. He hated ambushing him like that, but knew that Torn wouldn't have stopped for him otherwise.

"He... he... just mur... murdered him... tore out his... his throat...." Torn stammered, tears in his eyes. With a shaky hand he pointed into the forest, the direction he had been running from. In the second that Davan turned his head to look, to see if anything was there, Torn was gone, running again towards the way out of this place.

--/+18 minutes 14 seconds/--
--/Level 112 ‘Chaos Cluster'/--

Chaos Cluster had a certain aroma that one was hard pressed to fine anywhere else on the station, Tenzanin found himself thinking as he stepped from the lift.

The doors of 519DPK slid closed behind him.

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