Lockdown - 49 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: Man, I have the best job. I spent the entire night making pancakes on tuesday. Pancakes rock. In other news, there isn't much more of the ol' Lockdown. Any thoughts on that?

Chapter 49 – Wave 4.

--/Day 18 11:01 Hours/--

The ships weren't moving. Eight ships were hanging silently in the void, ships from each side poised to attack the other. But there was no movement. No sound. Just the eerie sensation that he was simply looking at a work of three-dimensional art. Torn, his arms crossed, decided that he'd seen enough, and floated back down towards the station. His empty warehouse was still empty and still the only place he felt he could go safely and be left alone.

He floated through the outer hull and lowered himself to the floor level, shifting back into tangible form. He'd slept here last night, after watching the short and ultimately useless view screen broadcast with the security officer. He was pretty sure he'd seen that officer before, thinking that Tenzanin used to work with him, Corporal Faine or Corporal Haine or something like that. The good Corporal had told him that he should go home, wherever that was.

Home. The Hub? This desolate warehouse?

Torn had spent a lot of time thinking about it. Maybe he should go back. If the Corporal was right, then things were going to get crazier around here. Violence and disorder spread pretty quick in a locked station when there are ships outside. The Ragnorian and Lorast populations of the station could get pretty heated pretty quickly, according to the Corporal. Maybe Torn should go home. Enough thinking, he thought to himself. He left this place behind.

--/+12 minutes/--
--/Level 7-170 ‘The Hub'/--

Grissom was behind his barricade when Davan wandered in. The big Nethrek looked like he was actually reading a book, a novel. For some reason, it seemed utterly out of place for the hardened killer in Grissom to be sitting, indulging in literature. Davan shook his head, waved at the Nethrek and then stumbled up the stairs into the apartment.

"I made a friend, thought you should meet him." Tenzanin said from the door of his room. Davan looked up, just in time to catch what came flying towards him.

"Ah... Endfolder, we meet at last." Davan said, holding up the Ruhr head that Tenzanin had acquired. It was dripping fluid. Davan tossed it back, wiping his hands.

"He's a bit shy, but he'll come out of his shell soon enough." Tenzanin said, chuckling. He put the head back into the backpack that was by his feet. Then he reached down and pulled out a few brown paper folders. He took the first one and handed it too Davan.

"What's this?" Davan asked, taking it. He looked over the name on the side and his eyes widened. "Am I to take it that this is a file on me?" He said, pulling open the file and looking at the first few pages. He kept them away from Tenzanin's sight, but the Carene wasn't really interested.

"They had files on all of us, in fact I think Endfolder had half the station pitted out on paper. I even found something on an old friend of ours." Tenzanin replied, holding out another file. Looking at the front tab of the file, the name written on it was Shore Bound.

--/+0 minutes 0 seconds/--
--/Level 6-106 Storeroom CI0-8/--

"So Endfolder bought it? That'll teach it, the back-stabbing fucker." Cirrik the sniper commented.

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