Rastus, The Beginning by S. Muse

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SUMMARY: Let me know what you think. Thanks...

"Hell of a way to spend a vacation, don't you think!" Stranded on some godforsaken rock out in the middle of nowhere. If I didn't know any better, I'd say we were lost... again!
*acquiring location...*
"Then you damned well better be hurrying up, cause I ain't got all day!" Stupid damned machine! And they say technology is supposed to making our lives easier. Hah!
‘Regardless of what you say next, we're not supposed to be here. It was as simple as that!' He can candy-coat it all he wants, but I know what home feels like... we weren't even close!
*really,* came his reply. *whatever gave you that idea- women's intuition*
"I got your women's intuition... right here!" After gesturing rudely, I continued. "You know something, instead of busting my chops, why don't you do your job, for once, and get us some answers!"
*say what you will, my answer remains the same. we are no longer on Tensure*
"Really...!" For all the good he was doing me, I might as well be gathering all the information myself.
And with that, and a sigh, my visor faded back into the glamour that had spawned it.

I'm not sure what I expected, a brilliant azure light, a whispering sea of red sand, you know, the all too familiar sights and sounds of Tensure... But alas, as Pox had so plainly stated, this wasn't Tensure. Instead of rolling red dunes, my eyes were greeted by miles and miles of crusty brown topsoil, and it sure wasn't azure blue skies overhead either, but a deadpan canopy of jaundice.
‘Sweet mother of mercy, could it get any plainer than this!'
Back dropped against this, we must stick out like a couple of warts on a babies ass!
‘After all, just how many tensurians do you think they've seen around here...?'
None would have been my guess! It's not everyday you see someone like me, a man completely wrapped up in tatters and coils of cloying dark vapor. For all I know, they'd think I was on fire or something!
As for my ‘companion', if that's what you want to call him, he was a completely different matter. Crouched in darkness, and hovering in his very own protective field, glistened Pox.
‘In other words, one smart-ass environ unit! Yea for me!'
Having played that hand for all it was worth, I returned my attention to what lay before me, namely an arching cloudless horizon. Underlying this stellar vision of want, a patchwork quilt of broken earth and pale gray stone.
"Boy, we really took the prize this time, didn't we." I couldn't speak for Pox, but if you ask me, it was high time we got ourselves out of here!
‘After all, the last thing I want is to be is spellbound by some backward wastewater planet, a million light years from home.'
"Seriously. Either figure us a way out... or figure out where we are! I'd settle for either one right now!"
If a machine could sigh, he just did!
*as stated before, i am unable to coordinate at this time-*
"I understand that!" I interrupted.

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