Magi Nigri, Chapter 1 by Ross Camsell

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He pulled the barrel closer towards him, slowly. The man had crossed about half the distance to him. When the barrel was equal to the man, he stopped it moving. Then brought it at full speed into his enemy's side. His opponent fell, crying out. Jakkor raised the barrel high above the floored man, then brought it crashing down into his chest. The barrel broke and its contents melons rolled out onto the street. His enemy lay still.
Someone else dressed in black, making too much noise to be silent, came up from behind him. When Jakkor turned, he was only a few feet away Jakkor smashed his bread into the attacker's face, which made him make even more noise. He fell to the floor, dropping his knife, which he immediately scrambled for. But Jakkor got there first. He used Airkinesis to pick the knife off the floor and then again to thrust it into its previous owner's chest, right in the heart. The man stopped scrambling. Jakkor pulled the knife out, caught it, and turned.
The street was in absolute chaos, unsurprisingly. The city guards had joined in they'd been trained to work together, two on one opponent and they were throwing the men in black about, smashing them into walls and breaking limbs with their magic. Their armour protected them from knife attack. Normal citizens lay dead, injured and bleeding all over the road. There were a few black bodies littering the street, but nowhere near as many as Aeronaeans, because they'd had the element of surprise.
Two people dressed in black ran at Jakkor from different angles. He held out his hand at one, creating a huge gust of wind, knocking the man off his feet and winding him as he hit the ground. He threw his knife at the other, using Airkinesis to guide it safely towards its target. The woman dodged the flying weapon, ducking to her left at the last moment, but she soon felt the sharp steel in the back of her neck as Jakkor moved it there. She fell over. Jakkor pulled the knife out and then made sure that the one he blew over using a Wind stayed down, by putting a dagger into his heart. Four down, he thought, gods know how many to go.
Jakkor felt the knife being ripped from his hand, whipped into the air and thrown into the fray by an invisible hand. He looked round, confused. The enemy didn't know Air spells, did they? Or were they traitors of the Air empire? Then he spotted his opponent. He was closing in slowly, an evil look on his face but he wasn't dressed in black. He was dressed in a simple grey shirt and red leggings. In fact, Jakkor thought he'd seen him before... yes, he was in front of him by twenty paces when they attacked! Jakkor couldn't understand why this man was now attacking him.
He used Airkinesis on the man's knife; to no avail. He was gripping it tightly and using Airkinesis on it at the same time. Jakkor looked round in search of a weapon the melons that fell out of the barrel before! Yes, they'd do.
The man was only a few feet away now. Jakkor's arm flung out, aimed at the melon. His opponent looked round cautiously to see what he was doing and was slammed in the face by a flying melon, breaking his nose, jaw, the melon, and a few teeth.

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