Stronger by Jason Damman

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SUMMARY: I need feedback on how this story is going so far, please read and comment and let me know if this is actually worth building.

Stronger by Jason Damman

This work is dedicated to strength.

This is based on a true story...

Chapter One: Paradise

A beautiful woman and a young mother had a lot of growing up to do at a young age, she had her first born when she was just nineteen.
Toni and Ben met at a hotel where Ben worked as a DJ, he was a lot older than she was, twenty-five at the time his first born came into the world. This would have been around the late 70's when they first met, both very young and with their whole lives before them.
So, Toni and Ben met one night when Ben was working as a DJ and I can just picture it now... It was in NSW, a place called Nelsons Bay and the establishment was the Sea Breeze Hotel. If any of you have been to Nelsons Bay you will know it as being quite picturesque and serene, one of the most beautiful places in this country. Now, it's over run by tourists. Salamander bay is over populated and Nelsons Bay as a whole has changed completely from how I ever remembered it.
Toni was with her best friend Nikki on this fateful night, dancing and jiving to the thumping beats from the bass sub, dancing to all of the old classics that dominated the seventies. A smoke filled room and a criss-cross of fantastic light, with a throng of party goers all getting off on the music that Ben had pumping through the club sound system. Everything was vinyl, CD's hadn't even been heard of.
Toni was standing there with Nikki, a drink in her hand, sipping innocently through a straw and looking up at Ben in the DJ booth, laughter in her eyes and in her heart. Giggling and talking with Nikki, each girl talking each other up to get one or the other to talk to the DJ. The DJ I'm sure must get this a lot. Hundreds of pretty girls would have loved to sit beside Ben at the console, but only the prettiest of them all ever had a chance and that was Toni.
I suppose Toni had second thoughts when she was halfway across the dance floor, looking back nervously at Nikki who was urging her to go on. A dry mouth, perspiration forming on the back of her slender neck but what excitement.
The excitement of the chase.
Pushing past couples and singles all dancing and gyrating against one another she finally gets to the DJ console where Ben is concentrating on how to turn an Elvis Costello hit into a Billy Joel classic in the smoothest transition possible.
Lights going crazy, the music is loud and alive, a huge beast being consumed by the people in the moment, longing for more and wanting every sound to last throughout the night and the rest of their teenage years.
Toni whirls around to Nikki once more who is now a distance away but is close enough to catch the glint in her eye and to see her carefree laugh.
She was going to do it, she was going to talk to the handsome DJ that herself and every other girl had had their eye on that night.
The DJ looks up from his work to see one of the most beautiful smiles he has ever seen in his lifetime and instantly his heart skips a beat.
Without a word he moves over a stack of vinyls that were stacked on the now empty chair beside him and beckons her to sit down.

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