Lockdown - 51 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: You know, feels like a lifetime ago that I posted the first part of this story on this website. Feels like even longer since I started writing it.

Chapter 51 – Two Weeks (Davan/Tenzanin).

--/Day 20 12:06 Hours/--
--/Level 112 ‘Chaos Cluster – Bureau of Elimination/--

"So this is the ‘Bureau of Elimination?" Davan said, clambering down the ladder just behind Tenzanin. The two of them were stood in the first chamber of what used to be Endfolder's office. Davan found it an interesting place, the room was still trashed from when Tenzanin had hunted the bounty master down a few days ago, but it wasn't to enjoy the scenery that they were here. The two of them moved into the file room.

"Here." Tenzanin said, motioning to a large filing cabinet with ‘Outstanding Bounties' stencilled on the front.

"This is why we came down here? So you can pillage his ‘to do' list?" Davan asked, cocking a grin as looked through random files.

"Pretty much." Tenzanin replied, reaching into the three drawers and pulling out the folders of jobs small and large. Now that he wasn't really welcome on the security force anymore, he'd decided to go into a private business. Bounty hunting seemed like the way forward.

"Well, I didn't know that." Davan said, looking at the file on Ambassador Bowian. "It seems the good Ambassador has a few connections we might want to talk to him about. Seems here that he'd friends with a very powerful merchant..." Tenzanin was only half listening, but Davan talked anyway. "And this merchant employed a friend of ours, a one particular Farn Lunas."

--/Day 21 15:23 Hours/--
--/Level 4-143 Habitation Ring Apartment 231/--

There was another knock at the door and Jamie stumbled towards it, almost tripping over the edge of his towel. What was so important that he had to get out of the shower for, he wondered. He got to the door, still dripping wet, and opened it. There was a Carene on the other side, tall and wiry with a sword at his waist. He smiled and handed Jamie a file. Confused, Jamie took it, widening his eyes to see that his name was written on the front. Jamie Muloock.

"Mr. Muloock, a bounty has been posted on your life and I'm here to collect." Tenzanin said, keeping his smile up. He pulled his sword out of its scabbard

"NO!! NO!!" Jamie cried out, realising with a sinking feeling that there was nothing he could do. He'd never be able to pay off the bounty. He flailed his arms.

Tenzanin stabbed him in the chest, slicing the sword up and out of his collar in one swift motion. Jamie dropped to the ground, bleeding out a few seconds later. Tenzanin wiped the blade of his sword clean on Jamie's towel, then pulled a camera out of is pocket, getting a good snap of Jamie's shocked and dead face. He stooped and retrieved the file, wiping off any blood that had splattered to the front. Then he closed the door behind him and walked away.

"One down..." he said to himself, "forty six more to go." Of course, he'd need a fresh set of bounty hunter credentials and these should be winging their way to him any day now. He'd stopped by the office that morning. So far, so good, he thought.

--/Day 22 10:09 Hours/--
--/Level 7-170 ‘The Hub'/--

Davan reached for the comm-phone that was ringing.

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