Lockdown - 51 by Alexander Shaw

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He cursed a couple of times as he hit the receive button and held the handset to his ear. He'd only gotten to sleep a few hours ago.

"Davan." The voice was far too loud. "It's Chris, now that you're not dead and all, would you kindly get on with that order of highly illegal laser weapons that you promised me? I'll send someone down tomorrow to make sure you get to it." Davan carried on cursing.

--/Day 26 18:12 Hours/--
--/Level 7-170 ‘The Hub'/--

Sarah had been here for the past five days. Davan found her attractive enough, but all she seemed to do was watch what he was doing and say absolutely nothing, even when he tried to start up conversation. The deal with Chris was that he'd produce a cache of hand held laser weapons in exchange for the Gunrunners completely kitting out the Hub. They'd done their part, so that meant that Davan could get down to his part. Being a lightsmith, an illegal profession.

So, for the last five days, he'd been carefully assembling and testing to every possible degree ever facet of this weapon. He was going to call it ‘Alpha', and had thus carefully inscribed the butt with flowing detail, the word Alpha in the centre. Sarah had asked if that was truly necessary and Davan hadn't graced it with an answer. Instead he'd muttered something about how it normally took a month or so to make one of these things, and he'd done it in five days.

Tenzanin had been keeping busy, organising his newly acquired files, going out and butchering the odd person for money. He'd complained vividly at first that the bounty hunter office on the station had told him it would take up to a week to process his credentials, but he intended to have a few marks to hand in as soon as they arrived.

"Is that it?" Sarah asked, seeing Davan click the power cell into the back of the gun.

"That's it." Davan replied. There was a high-pitched whine as the gun charged up.

"Well... it works, right?" Sarah said, looking at the gun as if it were a poisonous snake. Davan couldn't blame her, hand held laser weapons were one of the two things expressly banned by the Coalition of Fifteen, the galactic super-government. The other thing was Planetary Destruction. Davan grinned at her, holding the gun up in front of her.

"Of course it works." Davan said. Between her insolent manner, Torn's hostile glares whenever he walked in and out of the apartment, the sheer noise the shutter repair men that the landlord had sent the other day, it had been a stressful week since their encounter with the Scarlet Falcons. He pointed the gun at the wall in between workspaces G and H.


The noise was barely audible to Sarah, but well within Davan's range. The thin blue beam leapt from the end of the gun, through the bulkhead, across the other workspace and twelve inches into the opposite wall before dissipating.

"Fuck me..." Sarah whispered, sat with her mouth open in shock, her hands clasped tightly to the chair she was perched on. She'd never seen a laser weapon fired before, it was a truly an awesome and frightening spectacle.

"Sure, but let me wipe my hands first." Davan replied nonchalantly.

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