Lockdown - 52 by Alexander Shaw

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SUMMARY: I really should write something differant every now and again.

Chapter 52 – Two Weeks (Torn/Grissom).

--/Day 20 10:42 Hours/--
--/Level 112 ‘Chaos Cluster – Open Market'/--

Open market was a shit hole, but a useful one to anyone looking to buy or sell the heavy-duty stuff that nobody wants traced. That's why Grissom was down here. The armour trader was proving the most difficult. He'd bought the knives he was after, and the combat headset and to new pistols. Finances were looking good for him so far. But it was the armour seller that was proving the most difficult. Even though he'd repainted it, the experts still knew that it was K'kinn's armour. And not many people wanted to deal with the remains of a dead war hero.

"You having trouble getting rid of this?" Kijan the merchant enquired, looking over the suit with a critical eye. Grissom, standing before him in combat fatigues, nodded impatiently. He didn't want the armour anymore. He wasn't worthy of it anymore.

"It's got a reputation that I can't get rid of." Grissom said. Kijan nodded in return.

"I'll take it. I'll give you half what it's worth. That's the only offer you're going to get down here." Kijan said. Grissom's eyes narrowed. For a moment, the thought of killing this runt flashed his mind. He suppressed the thought. It was the best he was going to get.

--/Day 21 14:07 Hours/--
--/Level 12-120 Montoya's Dojo/--

Torn's thoughts were still drifting back into the conversation he'd had with Yuni yesterday. Her new guardian, Corporal Haine, had arranged for her to take the week off school, and she was staying with him now. The conversation had been pretty one sided. She was still very shaken up over the Scarlet Falcon action the other day. Being a hostage is a frightening experience.

"Torn!" Sensei Montoya's voice cut through his daydreaming. "Pay attention."

"My apologies, Sensei." He said, bowing and returning his attention to the matter at hand.

"Indeed." Montoya said, continuing. He was pacing around the pupil of his dojo. "I am offering you a position as apprentice in my dojo. You know what that means?" Torn shook his head. "Very well. It means that you will sleep here, that you will train here everyday and you will pay your way by performing the menial and maintaining tasks of this property. Now do you understand?" Montoya was standing in front of the pupil, his arms folded, his eyes expectant.

"Yes, Sensei." Torn acknowledged. "I would accept your offer, Sensei."

--/Day 22 05:58 Hours/--
--/Level 12-120 Outside Montoya's Dojo/--

Torn was standing outside the dojo, wearing everything that he owned. He'd slipped in and out of the Hub without anyone noticing. He'd spent the last few days sleeping rough. His Mugaichek by his side, his stealth armour and cloak covering him, he waited. His new life began in two minutes. He took several, calming deep breaths. Then the front door of the dojo opened, Montoya standing in the doorway. He beckoned, and Torn's new life began.

--/Day 25 11:43 Hours/--
--/Level 12-120 Montoya's Dojo/--

Torn was sweating freely as he began his exercises.

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