The Warren Parts One and Two by Derek Giamundo

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SUMMARY: A boy must come into this extremely strange world with a past he knows nothing of, and succeed in which he failed at before. This story has humor and horror. It's short, but if possible could you send me feedback at as soon as possi

The Warren
I couldn't have known that the chamber I was in was dimly lit, nor that the floor was broken pieces of land, all surrounded by swamp water. I couldn't have known that the walls were vine-covered rock, nor that the chamber smelt like rotting flesh. But I did.
Somehow, I knew all these things. I knew why I was wielding a sword, fending off a giant beast. I was looking down on myself. Down on this crafty swordsman, sweeping blows at the snakelike beast, which towered over me.
With a sudden lurch coming from what seemed to be the only thing I didn't know here, I was looking through the eyes of this enhanced replica of myself. I was this new person- I knew swordsmanship, I knew what I was supposed to be doing. Strangely, however, at the same time I didn't. One part of me acted, one part of me watched.
The beast towered over me, hissing. It lunged, but I leaped out of the way just before it smashed the ground below my feet. Unfortunately however, I dodged into the swamp water. I could feel things swimming around me, but I remained calm, while part of me shrieked in terror. Why was I doing this? Why was I continuing?
The beast looked bruised now, some of its scales dangling from its slithery body. It opened its great big yellow eye and let out an otherworldly hiss at me. My body remained calm, looking dead into the great monstrous eye, while my mind wanted to flee in terror.
The great snake lowered its neck and met me at eye level. Its stench was so terrible that it masked the vile odor coming from the swampy water. I stared blankly at it, my limbs locking up. The beast lunged towards me, but I leaped out of the way. I looked up at the snake, eyes wide and mouth open in fright.
Suddenly, the snake began to shriek- a horrible, painful shriek. Its body became contorted as its skin began to bleed black blood.
Without forewarning, everything seemed to tilt backwards, forwards, left and right harshly, the scene changing. I was now running through a hallway, floors, walls and ceiling made up of the same rocky material as in the previous room. I was not alone with just a sword, however. I was with a giant head carried by my free hand- the head of a great snake. I looked down at my body- it was fully healed.
I reached the end of the hallway and faced a huge, golden door. It seemed out of place. It should've been ominous and foul smelling like the rest of this labyrinth—
"Ah ah ah," a voice tisked behind me. The voice was high for a male. I turned around to see a man in an otherworldly doublet- one with black and gold frills. He was balding, and had beady little red eyes. "It is not a labyrinth, my friend. It is a warren."
"How did you... who are you? Did you save me from the beast? Did you heal me?" I asked, perplexed.
"No. I did not save you." He sounded angry. "I am the Ringmaster, and you are the ring." The man seemed to think for a moment, then said, disagreeing with himself, "No no, you are the elephant. Although you don't look too portly and grey..."
His beady little eyes met mine. "What do you think? Elephant sound good? Or Monkey? Yes, yes, you seem like a monkey to me."
I opened my mouth to speak, but the Ringmaster interrupted me.

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