The Warren Parts One and Two by Derek Giamundo

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"I did not ask for your opinion, boy!" He shouted. "Ah yes, where was I? Hmm? You can speak now."
"You wereŚ" I began, but he interrupted me.
"Shut up! I swear, boy, you need to shut your dirty little mouth."
With that, my lips began to press together- tighter and tighter, until they bonded together.
"That's much better. Ah yes... where was I? Hmm? You can speak now." He guffawed, tears streaming down his face. "I do crack myself up, don't I? Don't I, friends?"
Many distant voices echoed around the hallway, all laughing.
The Ringmaster's expression became serious. "On a much lighter note, this place is deadly. You are deadly. I am deadly. Everyone here is deadly. Keep that in mind, mmkay? I am, as I said before, the Ringmaster. I control everything. I am everything. Well... not everything, but most things. Actually, mostly myself, really. You'll get the hang of it soon, I promise." He began to pace around me in circles, sizing me up. "You, my friend, will be the next champion. Actually, the newest champion. We have many. More than you could count, really. Everyone is a champion. Remember that also. This place is the stadium. Did I mention that I control everything? Yes, I suppose I did. I remember it now. The rules are quite simple. You will get them soon, mind you. Until then, get some rest."
And with that, everything once again jerked violently backwards and forwards, right and left, and I found myself in a grand castle lobby. Everything was shimmering gold. The tiles were checker boarded gold and dark gold. I walked slowly up to the reception desk (gold, might I add), where a couple was arguing.
"I tell you, he wants the report, Donny!" the woman was declaring. She was small and chubby, with cropped brown hair and glasses with small golden beads as a chain around her head. She wore royal blue garments with golden shoes.
"He will get the report when I'm finished, Lenore!" the man shouted back. He looked like a male version of the woman.
When they both spotted me, they stopped speaking in mid-sentence. They both sized me up with huge grins on their faces. "well well! Another one!" Donny exclaimed. He walked, although it was more like a waddle, towards me and held out his hand.
I reached to shake it, but he jerked it back. "What you doin, boy?" he asked with the grin still on his face.
"I..." I stopped, realizing that I could speak again. I ran my hand over my lips just to make sure. The man looked at me like I had six heads. "I am new here. Actually, I don't really know where here is."
The woman, Lenore, waddled towards me and pinched my cheeks as if I were here grandson. "You're in the Stadium, boy! The grand theatre! Your new world!"
"How did I get here?" I asked. I blinked. I was no longer this all-knowing being as I was when I first entered this realm. I knew nothing, not even how to hold a sword. Now that I thought about it, my sword and snake-head were both gone.
"Awww, son, you best get some rest! Your room is right here."
Everything lurched again, and I was in a comfortable, golden room. Everything was a shade of gold and brown here.

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