The unknown by Tia Voth

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SUMMARY: Okay. Warning.. Run on sentences in places and I'm sorry for that.

I am a fifteen year old girl; I am shy, and quite. I remember from three years ago a story, or well an occurrence for it is true. This is not for the young nor for the squeamish, if you are either; I suggest you leave the room.

Before I start with what happened the actual story is. I have to mention what happened the night before. I awoke in the middle of the night, because my throat was aching, well you know when you wake up and your throat is dry, like that. Anyways when I was going back to my room, I saw something standing by my door. It was all black except for its eyes. They were an icy-blue; they looked fearsome, angered, but also abandoned. They were calling to me, like telling me to come to them, to follow them out of them house, into the nothingness. I tried to sound brave, as brave as you can in a situation like this, and asked them what it was. "I am the creature of the night, I am the Unknown." It wasn't the same voice I heard all the other nights, it sounded like poison dripping from every word this creature said. I was scared.

Okay, now to the actual story. When I was twelve, I remember hearing noises, it was a lovely voice, but it always sang such sad songs. As if it was missing something. Well one night, because papa was tired of me always saying I was hearing this he was going to show me nothing was there, by staying in my room.

Back to the night with papa and me, I was sitting on the bed trying to convince papa I wasn't crazy, but I think papa had made up his mind, because I heard mama and him talking about putting me into therapy. Papa had a tape recorder in his hand playing, we made sure that it worked and had a fresh tape, an hour earlier, to show me again that it was only my imagination.

I was about to get off my bed when something grabbed me, its hand was over my mouth. I tried to get up, and wiggle around but it wouldn't let go, so I bit its hand and bit it hard. It had let go so I tried to run out the door. Which was locked, it bewildered me because my door doesn't lock!! I tried and tried but it wouldn't budge. I turned around to see it coming closer and closer. I slid down the door, crouched so my knees were close to my chest, I didn't know what else to do. It was pale, with those icy-blue eyes, and fangs, but it couldn't have been a vampire, because they don't exist and it said it was the Unknown... it didn't even look to have a gender. I looked to see papa inching closer and closer knife in hand,

He has to keep one with him at all times because of where he worked. Well It was about to grab me when papa ran the knife through its body, were a heart should be, but I doubt a creature like this could have one. When papa pulled the blade out, it was oozing in a black runny liquid, it smelt like someone had left a rotten egg in the sun. It turned around and gave papa a revolting look and grabbed him by the neck. I screamed but I don't know if I was heard. The creature turned to me, with the same dirty look it gave my father. "You can't escape little girl, you will be mine!" It was that poisoned voice again.

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