Lea, an Eerie Streets Tale, Chapter 8 - by Eddie Hunt

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SUMMARY: Hell invades the realm of Man. Heaven abandons its soldier on Earth. Outright war begins... 12 chapters follow five days of hell on earth. A new chapter every Sunday (3pm, GMT) at

Lea waited under the old saw mill in the upper half of the old district. Athlan was completely devoid of life, she had passed right through the centre of the city and nowhere had she seen even a single human or demon. What little was left of the structure of the city was just burnt out shells. Along every street she had passed through she had seen rivers of blood, random remnants of the cities past inhabitants. Everywhere she looked there was nothing but the aftermath of death.

She waited outside the saw mill for almost ten minutes before Marcus finally arrived by her side, 'Are you ready for this?'

Lea nodded her head, 'Did you find a way for us to seal the gate?'.

'I've been given a possible solution, but it's never been tried. It should work but we won't know until we try'.

Lea looked around, 'Fair enough, where do we go?'

Marcus pointed towards the end of the docks, 'At the end of the walk there's an entrance to underground caves that run for about two miles, back into the centre of the city. That's where we'll find the gate'.

Lea walked along the docks, her hand tightly gripped on the hilt of her sword. The army had moved on but she couldn't believe that no one had been left to defend the gate. Marcus was certain they would be unhindered, because Melusha was guarding the gate, no one felt the need to leave anyone else there. Lea, however, didn't feel as sure. She wanted to be ready if anything did appear in their path.


The natural looking tunnels under the city were surprisingly well lit, candles of fire mounted on the walls every couple of metres. Lea moved forward cautiously, Marcus just behind here, ever vigilant to every noise he heard on their path. After almost 40 minutes of walking Lea could tell they were getting close. She wasn't sure what the gate looked like or what was there, but the heat that had been gaining in intensity since they entered the tunnels was now almost intolerable. Melusha's lair was close, and that meant the gate was close. Lea keep her eyes forward and her grasp firm on her sword, 'Have you ever seen the gate, Marcus?'.

'No. We're not even allowed onto your plain, going to Hell isn't exactly something that's condoned', he stopped for a second, 'And I can't think if a single reason why any of us would ever want to'.

Lea was smiling, that cheeky grin again, 'I suppose so'.

Marcus grabbed the back of Lea's coat, her left foot fell forward but he managed to pull her back just in time and she balanced herself with her right. They were on a ledge, a high one that they hadn't seen coming. Below them was a vast black hole in the ground surrounded by a thin ledge that was engulfed in fire. Marcus removed his hand from Lea's coat, 'I think we've found the gate'.

Lea carefully leaned over the ledge, 'Melusa. I see him, on the ledge below, he's resting'.

Marcus moved over her shoulder and looked down, 'Good, we may be able to do this before he even notices we're here'.

'What exactly are we supposed to do?'.

'There's only one way the gate can be sealed, Melusa must pass through it'.

Lea turned to Marcus, 'Pass through it? That simple?'

'I wouldn't use the word simple, he's a very big demon, getting him in may be a problem'.

Lea shrugged her shoulders, 'Fair, I suppose.

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