In The Beginning by Alan Delaney

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And the players took on a form and a mass and they were forged from the atom and the photon and the cell and lived within Nature and under Nature and were governed by Nature. And the players were no longer players but were themselves inside the game and had become part of the Game for each one, winners and losers alike, suffered the pain and forgetfulness of death until they no longer remembered the Game or their own faces. And the players looked upon the face of the Usurper and saw that he had power for each one had lost the Game and given all their power unto him until all power lay with the Usurper and his Watchers. And they trembled in fear and bowed down before the Usurper and prayed to him and called him God for they remembered not his own true name. And thus was created Man. And the Game ceased to exist.

And on the seventh day the Usurper looked down upon the Universe and saw the players had forgotten the Game and were part of the Game. And the Usurper rested on the seventh day for he knew that the Game was over and he knew that he had won.