2a.Taken away. A completion. by oscar garcia

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SUMMARY: Okay, now hopefully I have your interest, if not your attention. Here we go.

Maura dropped the kettle she was using when she felt the magic of the axe being activated. "Something is wrong, Rou." Volar never used that enchantment. "Something is wrong!" she shouted as she ran out of the door. Rou was stirring, but she knew he would not be able to keep up with her. Volar was all that mattered now. Her son needed her. She had to protect her son.

As soon as she cleared the doorway she used air element to lift herself off of the ground and glided quickly across the browning grass and wood. The trees sped by her as she pushed harder with air element. The magic of the axe was not far from where she was now, and she could feel it getting stronger as she moved toward a pond she knew of. But she felt someone using the elements. Her heart beat fast and her stomach knotted up. She felt elemental air being used, the familiar pinprick behind her eyes.

The ground rushed by and she brushed away branches as she darted to the pond. She could see the mold green pond in front of her and her son lying still underneath a large, black skinned darkling with horns. She recognized him immediately. Rhorlo was a menace and was always causing trouble near Kados. He should not have been able to find out where they lived.

"Leave him alone!" she screamed, lashing out with fire element. Rhorlo disappeared in a dark flash, narrowly avoiding the beams Maura shot at him. This would not be easy.

She heard a voice growling from all directions. The words were unutterable. They chilled her to the bone. But more important than her fear, was her son. She flew to his motionless body and probed him. He was just unconscious. The trees around her rustled roughly with the wind that had carried her. Rou was moving closer, but at an agonizingly slow pace. Ascending above the pond, Maura hovered, close enough to protect her son, but also gaining an advantage by being over water. She would have to deal with this situation until Rou got here to help. Her eyes tickled as Rhorlo used elemental air to move at blinding speed. She deflected his strike with a small barrier of elemental air. A black flash gave her enough warning to duck underneath a punch and she made a wall of air element to stop Rhorlo's trajectory. He grunted as he hit the wall and fell to the ground. Maura shot two thick beams of fire element from her hands, but missed as her target flashed black, then stopped in front of her. He was much to quick and before she could do anything, his hands were gripping hers in a vice.

She stifled a scream as Rhorlo's hands crushed hers. Hot, rancid breath pushed on her face, making her feel stifled and suffocated. -I will not scream. Even if you kill me, I will not give you the satisfaction of hearing me scream.- She pummeled him with air element. Rhorlo grunted as blow after blow of elemental air hammered him. His grip slackened as three blows knocked his head in two directions. He fell into the pond with a splash. Maura used elemental air to make a barrier over the pond. Rhorlo struck out at it, flailing away with air element, and likely his fists.

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