A Tale of Luc (Part. 1) by William Quinn

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SUMMARY: The 1st part of a WIP, the basic idea is 2 young men who ran away at an early age and are making their way in the world. Any kind of comment is welcome.

Luc perched naked in the window with his clothes in a ball under his arm, his ear cocked as he tried to judge how long he had. Boots creating a loud drum beat as they drew closer gave him only a few moments.
A young lady sat in the bed, clutching the sheet to her chest. Her skin was still flushed and her breath coming quickly. She tried to repress a nervous giggle as she spoke, "Hurry! Don't let them see you!"
Waiting until the door burst open, Luc threw the woman a wink, raised his eyebrow at the armed intruders, and then launched himself out of the window. He heard a gasp behind him and the unmistakable sound of a crossbow being fired.
Tossing his bundle while falling, Luc hit the water in the moat with what seemed a practiced ease. He quickly pulled himself onto the bank, crawled to his clothes, and took off running into the woods. A number of shouts and an indignant roar followed him.
He was chuckling to himself when he noticed the end of the bolt protruding from his bundle. "Bastard was a semi-decent shot! And my favorite boots too! Damn." He frowned as he tugged the bolt out of the bottom of his boot. Pulling his clothes on, he heard the sound of the bridge being dropped. A smile started to grow on his face, and then he heard the baying of dogs.
"Aww shit. This won't be fun. Try to have a good time, but no, someone always has to get pissed off." He stomped into his boots, and then tried to remember where he had tethered his horse.
"Perhaps you shouldn't tease them? I'm willing to bet they wouldn't get so steamed if you were more discreet." A pixie fluttered in from the woods and stopped a few inches in front of Luc's face, looking like nothing more than a slight glow from a distance.
"Ah good, there you are, find horse now, lecture me later." Luc made a halfhearted swat at the pixie.
The glow around the pixie took on a pink hue as it started to speak. It stopped, closed it eyes, and concentrated for a moment, "Your horse is on the eastern side of this manor. Follow me." Not waiting to see if Luc was listening, it's agitated form zipped off into the woods.
With no choice but to follow, Luc took off after the floating light. He could faintly make out the sound of muttering as he ran to keep up with the pace the pixie had set. Cursing as he tripped over a fallen branch, Luc was just starting calm down when he heard the baying of the dogs again. They had apparently picked up his trail. Damn, and here I figured the water would have thrown them off longer than that. "About how much further?"
"Just ahead, perhaps you should run faster?" The pixie almost seemed to be chiding him.
"Perhaps, you should be less snarky, you know how hard it is to run when you're soaking wet and tripping over shit in the dark? Oh wait, you can fly."
"Not my fault my race is superior to yours."
"That's why you're my slave."
"I'm not your slave, I'm merely bound to you for the time being."
"That time being until you can figure out how to break your contract?"
"Here is your horse.

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