A Tale of Luc (Part. 1) by William Quinn

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I'd appreciate it if you didn't die tonight. I'm still not sure what effect it would have on me."
"Selfish bastard, always thinking about yourself."

Luc unfettered his horse, mounted, and set off at a brisk trot. Still listening for the sounds of the dogs, his hand quested through his saddle bags, searching. "Is Chame still in town?"
"Last I checked he was sleeping at The Grey Goose."
"Would you kindly let him know he needs to move his ass?" Finding what he was looking for, Luc pulled a pouch out of his saddle bag. He opened it and began sprinkling it's contents behind him.
"That's a waste of good pepper if you ask me." The pixie watched for a moment, nodded to itself, then spoke again. "I'll inform Master Chame that you shall be arriving in a hurry and are requesting to leave quickly."
"That isn't what I said faerie."
"I obey the spirit, if not the letter, and I'm a pixie."
"I'm aware of that; I was referring to your sexual orientation."
"And you also are aware that I'm asexual, bad joke on your part."
"Go fuck yourself."

The pixie smirked, and then disappeared with a pop. Without the glow from the pixie it was suddenly quite dark. Luc grinned and nudged his horse into a canter, trusting his horse to find it's own way. He continued along for another few minutes then heard the baying again. "Persistent bastards..."
The dogs sounded about a quarter mile off, the pepper had apparently slowed them down a bit. He was still trying to figure out how to lose the hounds when he heard a popping noise and the glow returned.
"Master Chame would like to express his distaste for being awoken in the middle of the night and being informed that he leave in a hurry."
"I'm sure that's what he said."
"Well, his exact words were, 'I'll strangle that sorry shit.' However, I believe I have conveyed his meaning well enough." While visibly tired, the pixie seemed amused.
"He's welcome to try, as long as the dogs don't catch us first."
"Did the pepper not take care of your canine problem?" The baying of dogs answered the pixie's question. They were getting closer, quite a bit actually.
"I'm out of pepper and out of ideas. What have you got? And can you douse the light a bit?" Luc could hear the faint rumbling thunder of hooves behind him. The glow around the pixie almost disappeared. They then rode on without speaking for a few minutes.
"Well, I guess I could take care of the problem for you, but what will you have learned?"
Luc glared at the pixie, "Take care of it for me?! You mean you could have done something earlier?" The hoof beats were getting louder by the second.
"Of course, but with the way you're talking to me, I just didn't feel inclined to volunteer anything," The pixie said with a pout.
"I can see him! He's dead ahead!" a voice yelled loudly.
An arrow whizzed by Luc's head, he shouted. "Damn it! You get treated a helluva lot better by me than you did where I found you!" Another arrow flew past, this one way off the mark.

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