A Walk On The Beach by Alan Delaney

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SUMMARY: Lucy has a dream.

Lucy dreams. She's on a beach; golden sand crunching under her feet, cool water lapping at her ankles, hot sun beaming down on her head. Her dress is light, comfortable and sensual. It flaps lightly in the breeze. A man walks towards her, toned muscles and handsome face. She greets him with a smile and a wave. He does not respond. Annoyed, she walks on.

Another man, much like the first, approaches. She goes to him and says hello. Same result. He does not seem to see her at all. More men approach, and some women. Worried now, she runs to them all calls out to them. No reply. She waves at them, screams at them, throws sand in their faces. They ignore her still. She tries slapping one and her hand passes straight through his face. Her skin starts to burn under the blazing sun.

Lucy wakes up screaming.