Starkiller Jake (pt2) - Imminent Destruction by Lee Kershaw

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The station's shields were on the verge of collapse. Energy weapon fire continued to smash against the once invisible shield wall turning it a glowing ruby red. It entirely encapsulated the massive structure in a bubble of iridescent fire. From the command deck of the enemy ships it was like watching a sun going nova. Inside the station, the view was even more dramatic.

Most of the command staff were down to their skimpy underwear, sweat pouring from their skin as the heat levels reached a burning crescendo of unbearable magnitude. Prone bodies littered the walkways where several crew members had already passed out, no longer able to bear the torturous conditions. Tempers were running as hot as the temperature in the station and Security had already intervened on several occasions to keep matters under control. Under the ever watchful gaze of their luscious commander Naraldeen, the men and women of the security team were performing admirably. The raven haired goddess flashed a wonderful smile of encouragement in the direction of her commander who returned it with confidence. If nothing else this day, Jake knew that he had won his woman.

However now was not the time for romance but for action! Returning his full attention to the unfolding battle, Commander Jake Star-Killer took his chair at the heart of the sprawling room. As he did so a shower of sparks erupted from a nearby bank of electronics as feedback overload blew every circuit. Jake didn't flinch. Calmly he studied the tactical display which unfolded as a virtual tapestry in mid air in front of him. The holograph clearly showed the dispersal pattern of the Goralling fleet, information pieced together from the remaining defence and observation satellites still in the system. At first glance, the odds seemed overwhelming. The missing Earth Alliance Cruiser had still not put in an appearance and the Station seemed doomed to fiery obliteration from the weapons of the enemy fleet.

Jake knew he had but one final chance to save the day. It was a desperate gamble but yet he had every confidence in its success. Moving one hand down to the communicator interface built into his command chair he quickly thumbed the code to link him with the Station's energy control centre. Seconds later and he was rewarded by a very harassed sounding man with a deep Scottish accent.
"Commander, I don't know how much more of this she can take!"
"Chief. I need you to listen carefully and follow my instructions to the letter." The Scotsman made to interrupt but Jake stopped him. "This is our only hope Chief and I know you won't let me down." Before the irate engineer could reply, Jake cut the communication feed. His fingers danced over the virtual keyboard that materialised into thin air above his chair. Figures, equations and instructions flowed into one assisted by LOLA the Station Master's limited A.I. It took just over a minute for Jake to compose his plan and then dump the feed down to the Engineering control section located in the Station's beating heart.

Jake was well aware of the consequence of his plan but the situation was desperate.

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