A King's Quest by Allen Sutton

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SUMMARY: A Kings Quest is a fantastic fantasy that starts out with Damien Daverge being told by a group of rebellious Highlords that "He" is the unnamed king of the fourteen Kingdoms after an assassination attempt on his life and that he must recover a set of ring

Vol. 1

A King's Quest
A. V. Wedhorn
A King's Quest
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To Dianne Helm for giving me my shot. And to my wife who still hasn't read it

The Night of Sorrows
The explosion tore through the night, shaking the royal palace. Every head in the birthing room jerked upward with horrific noise, except for the Queen's. Deep in the throes of labor, she heard nothing.
King Dorian's handsome face went rigid, fear filling it. He was already worried about his wife and now something else was happening. The birthing of the twins seemed to be taking longer than he thought necessary. Now, it sounded like the royal palace was being attacked.
Throwing a hurried glance at his protector, the Krannion knight-champion Bertravis Liolbane and at his new personal battlemage Colin Lightbringer, King Dorian made a split second decision and ordered the battlemage to find out what was going on.
Grabbing his red oak mace staff, Colin raced towards the throne room in a blur of black and gold.
After a few minutes King Dorian frowned again. Turning to his champion, who was also wearing a dire expression etched upon his face, he said voice cracking with worry, "Check on the knights in the hall."
The tall, stern faced knight champion moved toward the door, his hand gripping the hilt of his proctor's sword.
The ringing sounds of metal on metal filled the birthing room. Alarm flashed on the champion's face when he didn't see any of the knights outside. He found them down the hall, side by side fighting with Colin Lightbringer, who was desperately weaving spells. The three were attempting to hold back what looked like Terian northmen from reaching their chambers. At least the knights had the formidable assistance of the powerful battlemage.
Two wails split the air behind the knight champion. Immediately he saw a smile cross the face of the blonde haired man leading the invaders. He redoubled his efforts against Colin, whom he appeared to have singled out.
Bertravis Liolbane slammed the door shut, quickly sliding the thick iron bolt into place. Turning to the dark curly haired king he was sworn to protect, he said, alarm filling his voice, "Sire, we are under attack from Terian invaders!"
King Dorian, sounding more astonished than alarmed, said, "Here, are you sure?"
"That's what they looked like sire," answered the knight champion, grimly serious.

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