Lea, an Eerie Streets Tale, The Final Chapter by Eddie Hunt

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SUMMARY: Hell invades the realm of Man. Heaven abandons its soldier on Earth. Outright war begins... 12 chapters follow five days of hell on earth. A new chapter every Sunday (3pm, GMT) at

In Heaven, one could only enter the White Hall by invitation. Entrance without permission was the greatest of all crimes, and the punishment; the instant demise of the intruder, was dealt by the power of Heaven itself. But there was another way to see his Father, a place where they could meet as equals. Tempus would cross the mountains of Desemina, right to heart of the battlefield where Lucifer's first uprising had been put down. A task awaited Tempus that he did not wish to undertake, but one that he had no choice but to.

He stepped across the border that separated Eden from Desemina and, instantly, became an outlaw in Heaven. The order of the things, the oldest laws, were clear on what had to happen. He would be outcast. But there was only one who could follow him into Desemina.

He closed his blood-stained cloak around his chest. Desemina was a cold place, a baron a desolate landscape intent on destroying the will of any who crossed it. It was the land of Heaven where Lucifer had been most relaxed, in the times when he was still welcome there at all. But, no other had even been comfortable under it's towering cliff faces, not even those who followed Lucifer to Hell.

Tempus walked along the overhand of the cliffs. He began his journey, deep into the original Hell.


Jacobs ran to the upstairs bedroom. He burst through the door. Amy was hanging from the edge of the bed, her killer's hands still wrapped round her neck. Ethan ran to the murderer who let go of Amy and lunged back. With every ounce of strength he could muster, Ethan punched the killer and knocked him to the floor.

It was the twentieth time Ethan had confronted his wife's killer, but it was well over a decade since he'd used physical force against an adversary. He needed all the practice he could get.

It had been hard, the first few times, to ignore Amy. To ignore her, not to try and save her, but instead to fight the man with his hands round her neck. He consoled himself with the fact that it wasn't Amy, simply a memory of her. She wouldn't want him to give up. She wouldn't want him to relive this memory for the rest of eternity. And, most importantly of all, she wouldn't want him abandoning his friends.

He dropped to the floor and wrapped his arms round the killer's neck, to become the killer himself. It took only moments…

Again Ethan burst through the door of the bedroom and met Amy's killer head-on, and again he defeated him easily. It had been many years, but Ales had trained him well.


Lea stood tall, in front of Brasolja's army, at the centre of the remaining eight council members. On either side of them, spread out life a flock of birds flying in formation, stood the army of mortals that would be the last hope of human kind, but concerned only with their own survival at this very moment.

Brasolja's army was moving in, they were no longer allowing Lea to come to them. She turned and faced her followers. Speech after speech filtered through her head, but every word felt hollow, every sentiment empty.

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