The Earth's Rotation by Kevin W. Clark

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SUMMARY: "It's lingo." "What's lingo?" "The blitz!" "No I'm not hungry, thank you."

Introduction. Because I care (not!)

!!!! I promise you as soon as you get through the introduction it will become a journey you will never forget, unless your name is mark!!!!

Before I begin I would like to take the time to explain a few things first. Since I care about you all I had decided to rewrite the introduction because as creative as it was I found it wasn't living up to it's potential (in other words... it sucked). In the beginning there was nothing in the universe (it was as empty as your head) not even the power of light was present but than there was a book created called, 'The Earth's Rotation' and it was good. In this book (I created) there were brackets, and notes with this symbol * giving a little four-one-one of what I was thinking also for comic relief from all... the... comedy? Stop whining and let me continue. If you get bored (and you won't) than what the hell is wrong with you? It's entertaining. I have kept some of the old material from the first introduction (because I'm lazy) because It's gold (painted). I welcome you to sit back and relax (for you people who thought it was so wise to stand) as you laugh your lungs to a deflated balloon. Let me quickly explain how my writing system works. To make an easier interaction atmosphere, the Zetas will be labelled with their name and then their number. I explain why this is the case further on in the novel. This allows the reader to understand who is talking easier without all the descriptions.
On a small and insignificant planet inhabited by an evolved race of apes there was one who stood out among the rest. His name was Kevin, um I mean Adam. He had always known himself different from the rest of the humans. He tried to understand the other's behaviour rather than look down on them. It wasn't that he was full of himself, no he was unique and no one could tell him why. This is his journey as written in 'The Earth's Rotation', published by West Ten publishing company home of the book in a can. Adam is described as tall and hansom (sorry girls he is not dark but he is Canadian.)
*Note* I apologize if some of you feel left out or offended but you must realize that I take on a new personality for the comic relief. The truth is that everyone is created equal and I'm the ruler of you all. I'm glad I changed the introduction, now bow down to me. *End of Note*
The Moon refocused its attention to the Earth; to Adam, who positioned himself on top of the highest mountain peek in the region.
"Where is eve?" Adam said searching the area around him.
"You are star-crossed lovers?" The moon observed.
"I would travel to the end of the universe for her."
"Have you?"
"No but I would."
"There's no doubt in my mind that you would."
"Do you have someone?"
"All I have is my reflections."
"That must be lonely."
"Tell me about it. Do you think there's someone out there for me?"
"How can I find them if the earth's gravitational pull has me?"
"Have you ever thought of being more then just friends with the earth? I assumed you were together."
"The thought never crossed my mind."
"Maybe it should."

As the two continued to discuss relationships the sun was becoming more excited about talking.

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