Revenge At Black Hills -- Synopsis by Jackson Nicholas

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SUMMARY: This is a synopsis of the novel I am working on titled Revenge At Black Hills. Rowan, a half-Lakota co-ed, must give up her college Spring Break trip to Acapulco, to be with her Grandfather when he dies, whereon she inherits supernatural powers she must

Chapter 1: A Death in the Family
Rowan Renee McElfresh is preparing to graduate from college, is ready to hand in a draft of her capstone, and ready to set off to Cancun for Spring Break when she receives news that her Grandfather, who helped raise her, will die within the week. She decides to skip Cancun and return home to the Pine Ridge reservation. In the process, she breaks up with her boyfriend, Randy, and decides not to attend grad school so she can stay with her mom.
Roe makes it home to find Grandfather up and walking around and telling her that they must go on a hunting trip. She's unsure what to do, but her mother encourages her to take the trip. Once they get out on the reservation far from anyone else, Grandfather establishes a sacred circle and tells Rowan that the spirits have chosen her. He hands her a lock of her hair which she puts in her medicine bag. In the middle of the night, Grandfather dies. Ro suffers three challenges then: an attack of wolves who disappear when she shoots an arrow at them, a vision of her Grandfather being eaten y a cougar, and finally her Grandfather trying to rape her. In the process, she is aware at some point that a man wearing a wolf skin is watching her. In the morning she can find no evidence of any of these events. She takes Grandfather's corpse back home.
Her high school sweetheart shows up to comfort her.

Chapter 2: Of Dreams and Consequences
With funeral arrangements made, Rowan decides to go for a run. She is attacked by two strangers demanding something her grandfather gave her. She believes they want his peace pipe. She manages to escape. Rich talks to her about working for his company in a way that they can help protect the Lakota. She is tempted by this ffer, especially since she is unsure about grad school. But she also wants to stay with her mom, who says she can manage on her own.
In the night, her Grandfather visits her from the spirit realm and tells her to hurry and protect him. She wakes to a phone call from the sheriff. The sheriff takes her to identify two bodies the men that had attacker her that morning are dead. She identifies the bodies but gives her alibi. When she returns home, she only sits for a moment before the funeral home calls and tells them it was broken into.
At the funeral home, Rowan realizes that the peace pipe was stolen from Grandfather's casket. She drives off to the dead men's house thinking to find it there. Sheriff joins and searches the house out of loyalty to her Grandfather.

Chapter 3: Meeting Wolf-man
They are attacked by the wolf man. The wolf man asks Rowan to join with him. She finds this tempting but wants her Grandfather's pipe. He walks out with it and leashes two zombies on her. Before he goes, he tells her to attend a rally that night.
She manages to fight off the zombies and to save the sheriff. Outside, a kitten walks up to her from the burning house. She adopts it. She heads back to the funeral home and picks up her mom and heads home.
At home, Rich shows up.

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