The Cage (in progress) - Prologue by David Golledge

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SUMMARY: A group of people banished from Earth for serious crimes, rescued & returned. It's intended to be a reflection on whether people can ever really change and the fact that we're all caught in our own cages, some impossible to escape. Grateful for comments


Inceptione Aeronautics Nationale

X-ILE 4758 Case Specifications (Excerpts TS)

File Ref. ALCZ-005

Date: 14:VII:2127

Background: Freedom I and II above capacity. All terra based maximum security incept stations above capacity. Recent increase in incept requirements suggests two possible courses of action: I. Construct new orbiter or II. Exile. See attached for detailed cost analysis which favours option II.

Vessel: I.A.N.O.S.V. Alcatraz

Specification: Omega out system supply vessel. Mid-light drive, heavy IR3 type injection turbines. Layout customization for deep hibernation capability. Removal of central ore storage umbilical and renovation of forward control/crew quarters to introduce hydro-stasis pools. Liquid engineering to aft.

Launch date: 18:XII:2127

Launch site: TBC

Programme: Alcatraz to rendezvous with Dionysis research station, Zone 2B1, dock 265 on 10:XII:2127. Refule and hydro-stasis prep. Hydro-stasis inception programme to commence 01:00 RTM 17:XII:2127. Launch window 09:X:50 on 18:XII2127. 0.046562356 second margin of error permissible. Course declination 105' 56' 29'. Possible course deviation in vicinity of Saturnus no remedial action taken.

Hiberation capacity: 25 persons

Hydro-stasis incepts:

Armina, P.J Multiple murder
Burgess, P.D. Multiple murder
Caris, D.D. Rape/armed robbery/murder
Danton, S. Serial murder
Graal, M. .........

Hydro Stasis REM invade: Unspecified

Sub-system communication: Disabled

Sub-system distress beacon: Disabled

File Status: closed pending destruction


Like a whip, the Head of the AAN directed the pin beam towards the h-gram, displaying a casual dexterity that suggested a lifetimes worth of practice.

The beam skimmed the surface of the h-gram, sending small pink fireworks out into the darkened room and the dull, sweet smell of ozone began to creep gradually, almost visibly, into the nostrils of those assembled. It cut the facial image in half from cheek to cheek, distorting the electro-magnetic signal. The beam's own magnetic field pulled the image inwards, making the pale blue eyes meet in the middle of the slim nose and the image of a monster seemed to emerge from the image of the man.

The Head of the AAN paused for effect, savouring the impact of the action which was fully intended, and had obviously been accepted, judging by the rapt attention shown by those gathered, as a full stop to what he had said over the past forty minutes.

He sighed. "And finally....this. Michel Graal. Five foot, three inches"... he began to smile.... "of pure psychopathic, paranoic mayhem. Born in Germania in 2093. Advanced athletic ability his height hid surprising strength excelled in the sciences, mathematics, academic genius at the age of twenty five, UG of almost 200. his own way. He could have done amazing things. He had strength and intelligence most of us only dream of, but as we have seen, it wasn't enough".

He paused again, allowing sufficient build up to his closing comment.

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