Devil's Hole by Daniel Doggett

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This in attempt to keep their genes strong, no doubt. I got the feeling from the writings that these strange men were thoroughly evil, and devil worshippers. They have nine kings representing the nine Dukes of hell, and try to mirror the underworld in all the things they do in their society. I had been so engrossed in the reading that I did not hear the creature with sloshing footsteps approaching me until it was too late.

Out of the water and down the corridor a Sahuagin came sloshing towards me. I picked up a rock and threw it at him, then ran past him to the water and jumped in. The thing had recovered and pursued me. I found my rope and climbed frantically back to the surface.

I argued to the authorities that the hole should be closed up permanently, but they ignored me and put me in this mental hospital for psychological tests. Perhaps I never saw anything at all. Perhaps I imagined the whole thing. But I don't believe that. I did see what I thought I saw! To this day Devil's Hole remains a gateway between the evil, devil worshipping Sahuagin and our world. God help us all.