The Plot by Daniel Doggett

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SUMMARY: A woman with paranoid psychosis believes she has been abducted by aliens.


Daphne Jenkins was relaxing in her be room when, all of a sudden, the power failed. Her heart skipped a beat.

"They've found me," Daphne whispered in terror to herself.

She groped her way through the pitch darkness to the top of the stairs, then descended them cautiously. Halfway down the staircase, she heard low gurgling growls, much like the sound a dog makes if submerged in water against it's will, emanating from the landing.

"Go away, doggie! Go on, go home!" Daphne shouted in a trembling voice filled with fear because she knew the noises she was hearing could have been made by no animal of this earth. She heard even more of the strange, alien din coming from atop the stairs this time. She was trapped! She ran down the stairs in the darkness, screaming. She was not assailed.

She made her way to the circuit breaker. Under her fingers, she could feel that the switches had been deliberately flipped to the off positions. She restored the power, and the lights came on to reveal three hideous reptilian monstrosities hunched over and coming for her...Daphne screamed, and awoke in a cold sweat.


Daphne was a part time waitress and college student that lived at home with her mother. She had long, straight platinum blonde hair that was neatly feathered back and sparkling, crystal blue eyes. She had not combed her hair in days. Her eyes had lost their luster and had dark circles under them. She usually wore expensive designer blue jeans that were faded or stonewashed and very tight; finely woven low cut sweaters of pastel colors; gold earrings and jewelry; and lightly applied make up. Today, however, she wore no make up at all.

Daphne went to the kitchen for some black coffee. Her mother was there, making breakfast.

"Mom, I have to talk to you," Daphne began.

"What is it, honey?" her mother inquired, her eyebrows raised.

Daphne sat down. Her mother did the same.

"Do you remember last week when I drove to the beach to meet some friends but came home early saying they didn't show?" Daphne's mother nodded gently. "Well, that's not what really happened.

"I was driving along the back roads, cows mooing on either side of me, on my way to the beach. The road was empty in both directions. I heard this peculiar piping noise, like a whistle, coming from overhead, and my car was flooded with lights. Some of the shades of that light I've never seen before and cannot describe to you. Then there was this droning hum that shook the whole car and hurt my ears. I pulled off the road to the shoulder and stopped.

"I got out of the car and looked above me to see this pyramid shaped object zip past and land on the road just ahead. I stopped the motor and went to investigate it. When I got closer, the side of the ship opened up and this lizard-like being, standing what looked to be nine feet tall, stepped out.

"It wore like a transparent space suit and glass helmet. It took it's helmet off and looked right at me, it's tongue darting in and out of it's mouth like a huge snake's.

"I was terrified, so I ran back to my car as fast as I could, got in and spun around, and sped back to the highway to come home."

There was a long silence.

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