Outpost #9 pt. 2 by Kor Psyke

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SUMMARY: Well, I looked back on my other story and knew what had to be done... make the part 2, and here it is. This one is about how the creatures are made and how our two heroes react to their startling discovery.

The short man in the lab-coat kept a steady pace as he led Dask and Saraff down seemingly endless hallways and corridors.
"Well, now you've done it!" the man shouted. "Certainly no one was supposed to enter that warehouse, and to think not only did you, but you shot ‘The Guardian'?!" The man was clearly outraged at their actions.
"Well, if I may ask, what is this place?" Dask said, ignoring the naked hatred in the man's voice, "and who are you?" The man stopped. Dask and Saraff marveled at what they saw around them; scientists and technicians filled a massive "workroom" where they bustled about working on machinery or constructing what seemed to be the creatures that haunted the outpost.
"God's green earth," Saraff said as he saw many creatures of his likeness. "Yes, and we're his right hand." The man said as he pointed to a lab station motioning for them to follow. When the two reached where he had stopped they realized that not only were they manufacturing these ‘monsters' the scientists were using the dead people from the "Dump Offs". "But how did you get these men? I know a lot of them and they're all dead,"
"Correction ‘were' dead, now they will become part of our project. Oh, and to answer your question; at any point did you actually think we would let all those bodies go to waste? Never, we simply put a filter in the water and had them brought here. Its all low profile so no one suspects anything." The man lifted up a needle and injected it into the dead soldier on the table. In an instant the dead soldier's muscles contracted and then bulged and he convulsed into a spasm attack. Dask and Saraff were both startled by this sudden reaction and jumped backwards watching him until he stopped moving. A scientist moved from one side of the table to the other and then walked to a cart where half of a metal arm, a FLICKER II machinegun, and a welding tool lay. He pushed the cart over and placed the metal arm-piece up to where the dead man's left arm should have been (teeth marks around it indicated it had been bitten off by another monster) and stared "welding". The dead man screamed in pain as the scientist hastily added ‘the arm'. The FLICKER II had been inserted into the outward end of the "arm".
"A thought just crossed my mind mister uh... oh well. Anyways you're showing us all of this, why?" Dask looked at the man wondering what was going through his head. A smirk crossed the man's face as he injected another needle into the "dead man".
"Well, I had given it much thought and the answer is... we're going to kill you." The now living soldier's complexion changed and his face morphed and in ten seconds, it became one of the monsters. "EEEEEYYYYAAAHH!!!" It screamed but even over its penetrating voice, the man shouted, "See, we've been trying to create the perfect soldier; one who always obeys orders, who is quick and deadly, and one who will kill mercilessly until all are dead! Now my servant, attack them and don't leave any chance of survival!" It screeched again and pointed the machinegun about to kill them when four shots rang out.

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