Outpost #9 pt. 2 by Kor Psyke

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Dask stood firm aiming his own FLICKER II now at the others. "You sick pigs! Prepare to die!" He tightened his finger on the trigger gunning down two scientists and a technician. Saraff charged through, sword swinging madly, thrashing everything in his way. The instant the first of the "monsters in progress" was struck, all of them sprang to life taking out everything in their path. Dask ran to Saraff's side and grabbed at his arm to stop him. Saraff turned, about to strike Dask down but when he saw who it was he stopped and realized that they were outnumbered. "We have to get out of here!" Dask shouted over the sounds of battle. They ran towards the exit from which they came but were stopped by a small mob of monsters. Dask let the rest of his clip flow freely out of the barrel of his gun, obliterating the opposition. They ran through many hallways before reaching a ladder leading up to a hatch. Dask glanced back and noticed that the creatures were following closely. "What Pandora's Box have we opened?" he asked as he pressed himself against the wall so he could let Saraff go first.
"What are you doing?!" Saraff yelled as Dask pushed him forward. "I got a little present for ‘em!" He reached into his duffle-bag and revealed a small orb with a blue button on it. "Swiped it of one of the officials about eight years ago, hope it still works." He pressed the button and threw it at the monsters, who disregarded it. A loud beep sounded and the orb imploded but then exploded destroying those near it and others in the path of the escaping fire. Dask raced up the ladder after Saraff. When they reached the surface they realized they were inside another warehouse, very similar to the other one but somehow different. Saraff sighed audibly as he sat back. "They could have friggen killed us, man," he looked to Dask who smiled and when he realized he was being observed, started cackling. "What's so funny?" Saraff said, clearly not amused.
"Like you said ‘they could have friggen killed us'. See that's what being a soldier is all about; putting your life on the line for the call of duty. That's what's so funny, it's ‘cause I lost sight of that." Saraff felt something drip off of his forehead and felt it, "Oh crap. We gotta go!" As if those words were the trigger creatures started pouring from cracks in the walls. Saraff grabbed Dask by the arm and led him out the doorway into a clearing. Angered screams came from inside the building as all the creatures scrambled to kill their targets, toppling over each other and killing their own kind just to reach their prey. This time they had no chance. They were surround, outmanned (if you could call the creatures that), and outgunned. Time stood still as the creatures waited for their prey to make a move. "EEEYYYAAAHHH!!!!" they all shouted as they turned and fled.
"What in God's name just happened here?" Saraff asked. "I don't know but whatever it was it can't be good. Remember the last time something like this happened?" About twenty feet from them they saw a man... the man from the lab.
"You shouldn't have interfered! It will take months to fix this!" He raised up his and the creatures formed up behind him.

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