Monster in the Moonlight by Willow Thyme

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SUMMARY: how do you defend yourself from the darkest monster of the ngiht,when he's your own lover?

A/N:there may be one or who mistakes,please forgive them.this was a english essay,i got an A!tell me what you think!thanks!enjoy:

Monster in the Moonlight

So gentle is the evening breeze that stirs the chilled midnight air. Darkness wraps itself around the steady night and time stood still across the silent land. Stars glimmered and twinkled over head, dancing out of view then back. A waning moon shone peacefully, lighting a silver path along the emerald floor.
But all of this was beyond my sight. It zoomed passed me as I ran, blurring into shades of brown and green. I tripped on gnarled tree roots and the moon light flashed through the trees above, making my heart beat faster still. I ran, uncaring of where I was going. Branches and holly tugged at my hair and clawed at my skin. Cobwebs clung to my clothes, trying to trap me. In the distance a wolf howled, a feeding call.
Suddenly the ground was rushing to meet me. I cried out unprepared and my hands reached out to catch myself. The impact rattled through my body and seconds later the pain hit. My wrists gave way under the strain of my body and I fell head first for the forest floor. I paid for the seconds rest I took. Behind me a twig snapped and a howl called out.
I tripped and stumbled, running while trying to regain my balance. And the pursuit began again.
The ground was still damp from the cold showers of the pervious day. My bare feet were plastered in dusty mud, creating mock shoes. The once beautiful dress was now in tatters, hanging limply from my skin, its pearly blue fabric blackened, no longer floating with grace. Soft curls had been pulled out and were hanging pathetically at different levels. Glistening tracks marks ran across my cheeks and quite ridiculously at that moment I was thankful for waterproof mascara. I was sure lipstick was smudged across my face. Blood swelled and steadily ran from tiny cuts along my skin.
As my breast heaved, crying out for air, my muscles screamed in protest under the strain of the chase. My whole body craved rest and begged me to stop. But I couldn't. I so wanted to stop but I couldn't. My stomach twisted painfully and bile rose in my throat. Swallowing it down I continued, letting my mind override by body. Hopefully it would soon go numb. Oh, I hoped it would go numb. I couldn't stand the pain.
Only one thing was important. I was running for a reason. A guaranteed safety. The only safety this dreaded wood could offer. I knew I was close. I could feel it in my bones. It sang out to me, beckoning. I nearly cried with relief when I saw the familiar old oak. Just a few more steps.
I jumped a mile as something sounded above me and leaves rustled as it took flight. Stupidly I realised it had just been an owl, taking off into the night to find dinner. A bird of prey. This thought made me shudder. I imagined a huge inhumane looking owl swoop down on me and drag me into the air curled up in it's deadly talons. I cringed again. I was the hunted, but how long would it take for my hunter to take me whole into the darkness.
Shaking down the gut wrenching feeling I ran on.

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