Natural Escape by Kevin Grubbe

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SUMMARY: Tiffany and Jamie head to the wilds of northern Canada to build a life away from the troubles of the world. They buy a small parcel of land and build a home together. Will they have the fairytale ending they’ve been dreaming of, or will disaster strike? N

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Tiffany waded through the muck filled swamp that was her new home. She wondered how she had gotten herself into this mess. Most people joked about buying swampland, no sane person bought it willingly. That must be it, some kind of sick joke was being played on her.

She struggled to take another step in the cumbersome hip waders she wore. Her delicate legs didn't possess the strength for such hard labor. A whine filled her throat as she became bogged down and unable to move.

Jamie burst through the tree line, moving at a rapid pace towards her. The giant grin on his handsome tanned face melted her concerns. She was safe with him, and he would ensure she was cared for.

"Isn't this great?" shouted Jamie as he neared.

"It's the best, babe!" She replied in her best carefree voice.

"I found some solid ground just through those trees, we'll camp there tonight and scout the rest of the property tomorrow."

Her full bottom lip stuck out in a pout and she looked up at him sweetly, batting her lashes.

"I'm trapped."

He reached out with his muscular arms and picked her easily out of the mud.

"I'll carry you the rest of the way you big baby!"

She squealed as he dropped her on his shoulder. She kicked her legs and smacked his back.

"I am not a baby! Put me down!"

"Nonsense, you'll still be out here after dark and I don't want to go to bed alone our first night here."

"You're gonna pay for that one!"

He gave her a firm smack on her butt as they moved into the trees.

"Hey!" she exclaimed in mock indignation.

"It was a tree branch!"

"Yeah right!"

Moments later he eased her to the ground; firm, hard, wonderful ground. She almost collapsed and kissed the dirt, she was so glad to be free of the swamp. Instead she wrapped her arms around Jaime's thick neck, though she had to be on her tiptoes to reach that high.

"My hero" she said and pulled him down for a kiss.

He returned her kiss with passion as the world around faded into insignificance. She did not know how long they stayed in the embrace, but her arms were sore when she finally released him. Her blonde hair mingled with his long mane of brown as the wind played over their faces.

"You're not happy, you don't like it here."

"No babe, it's great, really."

"Liar, I can see it in your eyes, they always turn grey when you're unhappy."

"Well, I was just upset that I slowed us down, getting stuck like that."

"All right, let's get this tent up and see about dinner."

"You do the tent, I'll make some sandwiches."

"Okay, then I'll get some wood and start a fire, so we won't freeze tonight."

Tiffany walked over to where he had dropped the large pack of supplies and began taking out what she needed.

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