Neurotica by william douglas

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Neurotica by W. Strawn Douglas

We called the ESP drug by the name of "Neurotica".
My name is James and you can call me jammin Jimmy James and I got for you the cure for what ails you from Yohimbe bark to synthetic Heroin, we got your disease. I was the first to break out of the test program.

They came at us with money offers from a pharmaceutical company and we came like moths to a flame. Neurotica gave us the sight.
We tried the drug in their trials and we saw the ESP in the drug and the murder in their study guide progress notes.
We saw the plan the doctors had for us. Their intent was to kill us off after the experiment was done.
We had the trump card . They couldn't beat us . We used our own crude beginings at telepathic communication and we ganged up quick. A simple view into each others minds told that the only ones the "Sprodex", the formal name for the Neurotica drug, worked on were people who had taken LSD in the last three months.
We got the ESP . We had the sight and they couldn't take it back from us. They tried to kill us but we could just use the sight to spot an assassin from days before he was going to act.

I thought it was just a fluke, a useless enhancement. How could we turn this thing into a benefit instead of having it just put a target on our backs ?
Nathan and Gwen came with it . We found each other quick. We met after a test period in a coffeehouse. Lucy came later. We needed to find a way to make money. We needed to travel.
We had the memory of viewing cards and predicting which ones would come up next. Perhaps gambling would work.
Just as we were becoming aware that our phones were being tapped we came up with a variant on our tests.
That's why I am posting this note from Las Vegas. That was the night it happened. She saved us. Lucy came up with a cure. She was just messing around and she started playing with a pair of dice. She saved us that night.
Lucy rolled forty-nine consecutive sevens.
We were saved by the craps table in Vegas. We found a way to get the money we needed by pushing the dice around with our minds.

It's all over now. We have the Vegas people to get us more Neurotica . We have been turning select members of Vegas society on to the Neurotica/LSD cocktail. We thought we were out, up against the wall. Then Lucy rolled those sevens.
What do you say when your life gets saved ? Thank you Buddha, Moses, and sweet Jesus. It's all gravy from here.

Take one of these blue pills and tell me what you think of it.