When Pigs Fly by william douglas

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When Pigs Fly
"Well you can toss a pig out of the airlock of a spaceship and for about an hour as that sow reenters the planets atmosphere and burns up, you can say ‘pigs fly,' but the landing may have some explosive and heated qualities."
"And the point you're making?"
"You can engineer anything temporarily."
"I still don't read you."
"If you imprison someone, torture them, and tell them there is no hope of relief for several years then present them with a confession to sign and tell them they can go home after they sign it, they will sign it, if only to move on with their lives. You can dominate and manipulate anything or anyone. Nothing's immune."
"So you can capture a star and send it at Lightspeed into another just for the sake of your own amusement."
"Not at all, she can do whatever she wants. She's the heir to the empire on the world we are headed to. I have known her for 18 years now and I am finally getting to a point where I can trust her."
"So she's the one who can toss the pig out of the plane. What did she do, inherit a freight company or some mine or plantation?"
"Her tribe owns a lucrative chemical business and yes she can afford both the pig and the airplane."
"So this is about a lover? You never told me that a woman was involved." Davidson smiled and rolled his eyes and whistled. "Ooh La La."Tim Thor scanned the cockpit with his eyes. The forward windows would be shuttered closed and dark for the landing. The whole process took a few minutes of skimming through the atmosphere at Mach twelve and decelerating until a speed of less than Mach one was attained. From there on the scramjets would carry the launch anywhere it needed to go.
"She is entry level when it comes to over engineering things. She likes me and says she loves me. Desire is present but the poor lass is so powerful that most of her social contacts are cronies that lick boot to get favors. She leads a lonely life in the palace grounds. I have both been suitor and target for her every tantrum and breakdown. The empire weighs heavy on this one. She had me imprisoned just to cap her fear of abandonment. She kept me in town quite adequately. I hope I can make things better for her."
"Has she had any lovers? Eighteen years is a long time."
"We have really only had the last six where things were on us. I do love her dearly. She isolates herself so much. I am an extension of that. We met when she was a very young person. I have had lovers that were her age but age wasn't the key there. Isolation was. At the age of seventeen she was so socially divorced that it was amazing just to converse with her. Beautiful and skinny with youth she was then. And cloistered. She'd escape from the palace in commoners clothes and come drink with us at the port bars. She is still a source of great spirit. Very much a wild animal.
"Taming on your mind?"

"Taming is not an equation that works well for such a creature. No, no, that would be too artificial and externally disciplined. She needs to meet in the center and share."
"What has a bum of stellar poverty like you got to share with miss nitrous oxide of this whole stellar neighborhood?"
All I can offer her is what I carry with me wherever I go.Her family likes me because of the medicine men in my ancestry .

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