Mirrorball Chap1 part 1 by Marcus Stott

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SUMMARY: First part of the first chapter. Would love feedback on this so far :) Enjoy your trip to Ting.

Mike was being introspective.
That in itself was impressive. He was usually in control, and not much got him out of sorts. Introspective was for those who didn't have enough to do in their lives. He was a busy being. He had things to do.
Yet now he sat thinking about himself, wondering about his current life.
He currently sat with his head in his clawed hands as he stared at the mirror. The wolf head stared back at him in a slight curiosity. Wow, had he really acquired that much gray?
"How you doing? " The image seemed to ask. He took a moment to search for a answer. A thousand answers blinked through his mind, yet none seemed to fit. Do Wolves have Stoles? Do Wolves have Stoles? Do Stoles have Wolves? The thought echoed through his mind,A playpen in his own imagination. He stared curiously(and more curiously?) at the mirror. He recalled a long time ago a story about someone who went into a mirror and went to a mirrored world like their own, but different. He wondered if the Wolf in the mirror was him, or one like him. He wondered if that wolf was being as introspective as he was. He felt sorry for him if he was.
"I'm not doing bad, I guess." He answered. "How about you? Surely not that bad, " he asked the image in front of him. Coincidently the image in the mirror was asking him the same question. He sighed quitely. "Bad? Hey, I wouldn't be asking you if things were Crysth Leaves, you know?" He stared at the image, who stared back silently. "Hey, maybe you'd like to explain to our esteemed client Ms. Haydin that throwing her million credit vase at her husband constituted a void insurance claim? I hope the man, woman, or other was worth it for Mr. Haydin, now he has a million credit headache. Or maybe explain to elderly Mr. Grant that, no, a class five predatory Chaser Cat from the planet Dartin does not fall either under the endangered species claim, or is acceptable reasoning for his life insurance to be paid out in case of accidental death. And no, Mrs. Sabin, stuffing your husband after death would not allow you to be able to cover him under a premiere item category." The reflection didn't seem to have an answer. He wasn't too surprised.
Mike shook his head again. "I didn't ask for this." He paused and then corrected himself. "Well, okay, I guess I did, but I really didn't expect it to be like this." He wondered for a moment if he really believed that. He laughed at himself. Yeah, and his mate would become mild and meek. Right.
I should have been born a hume, he thought to himself, Surely that would have been easier. He wasn't sure he entirely believed that even as thought it. Surely, however, there had to be easier ways to make a living at least. Oh, he knew what he was getting into when he started selling property insurance. He knew that his job wasn't the easiest. He knew that people didn't like the prices. He also knew people seemed to try even harder to cheat the system, those that weren't outright complaining about the fees. In cases like that he always had a list of other agents he offered kindly. While the agents were cheaper, they also had less time for their customers, and the clients he dealt with wanted quality for their money.

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